Should you try Apple Arcade? Early reviews for gaming service are in

Alongside iOS 13 last week, Apple dropped Apple Arcade, the company’s latest subscription service offering 100 premium gaming titles for just $4.99 per month.

Designed to remove the friction of mobile gaming – whether that be advertising, in-app purchases or time-locked content – Apple Arcade is suitable for the whole family, and one subscription powers up to six devices under Family Sharing.

But what do critics and everyday users make of the new gaming platform so far? We round up the reviews…


“Apple Arcade is for families, casual gamers, and anyone who doesn’t want ads or in-app purchases for a lower price than other gaming services. But it’s library is made of largely unknown and mostly mobile-style ‘light’ games, which makes it a tougher sell among consumers used to spending money only on AAA titles. Until we see the full lineup, however, it’s tough to gauge its value.” (Read the full review)

Tom’s Guide

“For the first time in years, I’m actually excited to play games on my phone when I hop on the train every morning. That’s thanks to Apple Arcade, Apple’s new $5-per-month subscription service, which offers 70-plus games you can play on your iPhone (and soon your iPad, Mac and Apple TV).” (Read the full review)


“Apple Arcade is brilliant. I’m loving it so far, even if I worry about what happens to the games and designers left outside of its walled garden, and I worry about Apple retaining its interest over the long-term. And it’s brilliant because game developers have made it brilliant – not just in the initial line-up, but with years of making this strange, unlikely series of devices really sing.” (Read the full review)


“While the service is almost a no brainer to me, that’s only because I plan on finishing more than one mobile game in the coming months and I already own several compatible devices. In fact, even if you’re someone who plays a few mobile games a month and owns one or two Apple devices, this service should be worthwhile for you. It’s certainly worth signing up for the one-month free trial at the very least, and you can even use iOS’s Reminders feature to make sure you don’t forget to cancel before the first $5 charge hits your account.” (Read the full review)


The general public

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