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Six useful iPhone tips that may be unknown to you

Since its release in 2007, there have been over 1.2 billion iPhones sold and the XS Max is currently the 21st iPhone to hit the market. You may have been using an iPhone for some years now but that does mean you have it all figured out and it’s likely that there’s a trick or two you didn’t know your phone was capable of. We’ve compiled a list of six useful tips so you’re sure to learn at least one new thing.

Music timer

Want to listen to music for a certain amount of time? Many of us like to listen to music when we’re falling asleep but turning it off after a set time is tricky for obvious reasons. However, if you head to the clock app and choose timer, you can scroll to the end and choose “stop playing” as an option. Your music will simply time once the timer ends.

Passcodes for certain apps

You may not be able to lock individual apps via privacy settings but with screen time, you can work around it. Head to settings and select screen time before choosing “App Limits”. Now, you can set a one minute timer on all apps and categories. Once you have done so, head to always allowed and add any apps that you don’t wish to lock. The rest will require a screen time passcode to allow access.

Reopen last closed safari tab

Accidentally closed the web page you’re browsing? We feel that pain! In Safari, press the “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen and you can reopen any tabs that you have recently closed.

Song history from Siri

In the iTunes store app, you can locate a list of all of the songs you’ve asked Siri to identify. To do so, simply tap on the three line icon at the head of the display before choosing Siri.

Folder notifications preview

Do you like to keep your social media in all of one folder? If you do have a bunch of apps in one folder and that folder has a little red badge, 3D press on the folder to see which app has a pending notification in one glance.

Move multiple apps

If you’re rearranging your home screen and moving your apps around, long press on one, drag it away a bit and then simply tap the others whilst still holding the first. This way, you can group them up and move them together.


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