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Sleep Academic Applauds Apple for iOS 9.3’s Night Shift Mode

The Night Shift mode in the upcoming iOS 9.3 should help many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to sleep better – and that sentiment has just been backed up by expert opinion.

Paul Gringras, professor of sleep medicine and neurodisability at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, told Forbes that he is “really pleased” Apple has introduced the feature. Night Shift works by reducing the amount of blue light from the device’s screen, therefore preventing disruption of the user’s body clock.

Gringras expressed strong enthusiasm that, unlike dedicated sleep or fitness trackers, Night Shift does not call for action on the user’s part and, therefore, doesn’t require additional products. He called this “a brilliant step in the right direction”.

It looks likely that iOS 9.3 will be released to the public in the spring – though, as Night Shift requires a 64-bit processor, that particular feature will not be available for iOS devices released before 2013.

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