Stats Show Windows 10 Growth Slowed Close to a Halt in April

Is the honeymoon period for Windows 10 now over? It could be, as statistics from web tracker NetMarketShare show that the operating system’s web traffic share saw very poor growth last month.

In April, Microsoft’s flagship operating system was evidently responsible for 14.36% of web traffic from desktop computers. That’s only very slightly above the 14.15% share recorded in the month before – a peculiar deceleration of growth, considering that Windows 10 won’t be a free update for much longer…

In March, the growth rate had been a much healthier 1.33%. While Windows 7 and 8.1 users can still upgrade their computers to Windows 10 at no charge, that will no longer be the case from late July, when Microsoft’s free upgrade offer – unprecedented among Windows versions – finally expires.

Microsoft is currently preparing an Anniversary Update which, with its arrival this summer, will significantly broaden the features and functionality of this well-received operating system.

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