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Tech developments have definitely changed the world. What seemed like something right out of a sci-fi movie is now an ordinary part of our everyday lives. The phones we use, the cars we drive and even the games we play were impossible to imagine a few decades back. Several industries have been affected by tech developments more than others. Let’s see which ones were transformed the most.


In 2022, New York City officially removed its last payphone. While this may leave us feeling a bit nostalgic, this action should not come as a surprise. After all, those booths have become completely obsolete a long time ago. Nowadays, everyone is walking with a phone in their pocket, so it is safe to say that the telecommunications industry has been drastically changed by technology developments. Today we don’t have to think about the cost of international calls or wait for a postman to deliver a letter from a loved one. Instead, we can use one of the many apps on our phones to contact whomever we want. Thanks to mobile internet and public Wi-Fi, video calls are highly available to us, and even business calls have been made easy with virtual events.


Do you wait for the paper boy so you can find out what is happening in the world? Of course not. You take your phone and with just a few clicks find out everything you want to know. With the Internet and plenty of portable devices at our service, news can spread like fire. Furthermore, media companies are not the only ones notifying us about the latest events. Anyone with a phone and Internet access can now go live and uncover all kinds of events across the globe.

Gaming Industry

Video games have drastically evolved over the past few decades, but they are not the only aspect of the gaming industry that has changed over the years. Even casino games have been taken to the next level thanks to tech developments. Nowadays, such games are not available solely in casinos, but online as well. As a result, now you can play poker, bingo, slots, or blackjack from the comfort of your home. Online casinos such as SkyCity offer a variety of games, much wider than available in actual brick-and-mortar casinos.

Travel and Hospitality

Travelling has become much simpler than it was a couple of decades ago. Just take into consideration booking options. Nowadays, you can easily research your destination, find the best accommodation with great reviews and book it online. Furthermore, hotels and motels have started using contactless payments, mobile check-ins, and other innovations to make your stay as pleasant as possible. 


While 3D movies are not something new, they have surely come a long way since a few decades ago when they were all the rage. Now you can even watch them at home with the right equipment. While 3D movies are now somewhat of a standard, 4D movies allow you to fully experience the movie thanks to the sensor-equipped motion seats, wind, fog, rain, and scents.

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You no longer have to go to the bookstore and buy the book you wish to read. Instead, you can download it to your tablet in just a few minutes. In fact, there has been an increase in the number of online bookstores that have opened recently. Publishing books online especially benefits younger writers who can easily get their books out there with minimal costs. 


Any driver can testify that the car industry has been drastically changed by the tech evolution over the years. The number of electric vehicles is on the rise, and more and more cars come with built-in smart devices. Self-driving cars are slowly finding their place in the world, and it is safe to say that we are eager to see what other innovations are waiting for us in this field.


Trying out new clothes can be a pain, but if you are not a shopaholic you can easily try them out in virtual fitting rooms without leaving your home. Thanks to tech evolution, you can also now get a front-row seat to many runway shows. Plenty of high-end brands have decided to livestream their runway shows so that anyone can enjoy them. 

Tech evolution has surely affected every aspect of our lives, and we are yet to see what amazing things are waiting for us around the corner.

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