Teen Vogue Launches Branded Mobile Game: Teen Vogue Me Girl

NEW YORK –Teen Vogue–the number one source of fashion and beauty news for style-conscious teens and 20- somethings everywhere– announces today the launch of an exclusive TEEN VOGUE edition of the mobile game Me Girl, available for free on The Apple App Store, the Amazon App Store and Google Play.

Teen Vogue Me Girl is the first 3D fashion role-play game from Teen Vogue, a unique collaboration with mobile game company Frenzoo, creators of the hit Me Girl(TM) series. Inspired by the successful mobile game Style Me Girl(TM), the new Teen Vogue edition simulates the experiences of real-life fashion interns. Players work their way through virtual assignments styling models, editors, and celebrities for magazine layouts, cover shoots, red-carpet events, and more. The game features a virtual replica of the Teen Vogue fashion closet, complete with custom-created 3D items curated by the brand’s editors and based on current fashion and beauty trends. As each new styling challenge is achieved, players are rewarded with new trending fashions, achieve status, titles and in-game currency. At launch, there will be 10 assignment levels, with new assignments arriving frequently.

“Teen Vogue represents a multi-platform millennial generation, and gaming is a medium we have had our eye on for a few years now. The growing trend of young female gamers is exploding, especially on mobile devices, and the timing was finally right for us to expand into the space” says Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Amy Astley. “Since our audience is also incredibly career focused, we wanted our game to have elements of fashion and career, and this game encompasses both. Teen Vogue’s audience is extremely mobile-savvy, always on their smartphones and tablets, so we wanted a way to reach them on a new and exciting media platform with a product that is fun and true to our brand.”

“Our mission with Me Girl(TM) is to create personal, playful and inspirational experiences. We’re thrilled to work with Teen Vogue to bring this exciting fashion game to life” says Frenzoo CEO, Simon Newstead.

Teen Vogue Me Girl Features Include:

  • SEE the actual Teen Vogue Fashion Closet
  • STYLE your own avatar for realistic Teen Vogue assignments.
  • SHOP virtual fashions in the latest trends curated by Teen Vogue editors.
  • SHARE photo shoot images on Facebook and Twitter.
  • SHOW OFF styling skills with players around the world.
  • SEASONS updated regularly – every month new assignments to play.
  • FREE to download and play

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