Tesla Unveils Redesigned Model 3 Tesla's refreshed Model 3, now available in Europe and China, features improved aerodynamics, increased range, and a more luxurious interior.

Model 3 2023 | Tesla Motors
Model 3 2023 Interior Redesign | Tesla Motors

Tesla’s revamped Model 3 is now available for purchase in China and Europe, with a US launch expected soon. The newly designed model boasts subtle exterior changes that enhance its aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to an increased range. The interior also receives notable updates, including higher-quality materials and advanced features.

The new Model 3’s front-end design is sleeker, lessening air resistance and thus extending the electric car’s range. According to Tesla Europe, the modified exterior allows the vehicle to cover up to 629 km (approximately 390 miles) on a single charge, as per Europe’s WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test) range standards. This reflects a 10-12% increase in range compared to its predecessor, suggesting a potential rise in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) range for US models to about 300 miles for the base version and 365 miles for the long-range version.

Tesla has also focused on enhancing ride comfort and quality. The company promises a “more refined and relaxed ride” due to a combination of a stiffer body and updated suspension tuning. Two new color options — ultra red and stealth grey — are available at an additional cost of €2,000, and are engineered to change their appearance based on lighting and viewing angles.

The interior receives a significant refresh as well, still eschewing physical controls. New amenities include ventilated seats, customizable ambient lighting, and a rear touchscreen that offers entertainment and climate controls to backseat passengers. Furthermore, the main touchscreen now boasts smaller bezels, providing more usable screen space, and is “brighter, higher contrast, and more responsive,” according to Tesla.

Model 3 2023 Exterior Design | Tesla Motors

Sound insulation has also been upgraded. The new Model 3 features “360-degree acoustic glass” aimed at reducing external noise, ensuring a quieter cabin. The sound system is enhanced as well, now offering up to 17 speakers, dual subwoofers, and dual amplifiers.

While the Model 3 has already undergone multiple updates since its original 2018 release, this new version seems to be a direct response to competitors like Kia and Mercedes that have been introducing more polished electric vehicles. Rumors suggest that the redesign could also make the Model 3 more cost-effective to produce, although its price may increase in the US market.

Siri Integration

The 4.24.0 update for the Tesla app was discreetly rolled out in the App Store two weeks ago. The update’s brief note indicates, “Access your vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.”

Before the update, the Tesla app allowed users to control various car features remotely through their iPhones. Now, thanks to Siri Shortcuts integration, users can handle many of these tasks via voice commands using either their iPhone or Apple Watch, bypassing the need for manual app interaction.

With this new functionality, Siri Shortcuts can execute an array of commands, such as locking and unlocking the Tesla, opening and closing both the frunk and trunk, and managing the charge port and charging status. Siri can also toggle Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, among other essential functions.

This latest addition of Siri Shortcuts compatibility signifies Tesla’s ongoing efforts to better integrate with Apple’s ecosystem of devices.

Model 3 2023 | Tesla Motors

Previously, Tesla incorporated Apple Music support in December as part of a holiday software update. Moreover, as of July, code snippets in Tesla’s iOS app hinted at testing for AirPlay compatibility.

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