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Texas Woman Thinks She’s Buying An iPad, Gets a Mirror

This story is a classic case of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Arlington, Texas, resident, Jalonta Freeman, learned this classic warning the hard way after she was swindled at a local gas station by a not-so-honest gentleman who claimed to be selling discounted electronics.

As Freeman was gassing her vehicle up she was approached by a car containing an unknown male who stated he was selling a variety of electronics at incredibly low prices. The prospect of an $800.00 iPad HD for $200.00 proved to be too much for Freeman, who quickly pounced on the deal, forking over her hard earned cash to the shyster.

The crook immediately drove away and it wasn’t until moments later that Freeman understood what a terrible mistake she had made. Upon opening the Fed Ex box containing the “iPad HD,” she was given quite a shock. Instead of a shiny, beveled, Apple product, Freeman was presented with with a standard household mirror. The mirror had been completely encased in duct tape and had a stenciled Apple logo applied to the back of it. To keep the illusion going, the thief pasted a paper image of an iPad screen over the mirror. It was only after Freeman peeled the paper back that she realized the “iPad” was a fake.

There has been no word yet if the offender has been captured, but a spokesman from the Arlington Police Station stated that crimes like this happen in the months leading up to Christmas. There were a variety of similar incidents reported in several states last year.

This story isn’t just a terrible reminder of how easy it is to get roped in by “the deal” but it also reminds all of us how careful we should be around the Holiday season. It is generally this time of year that shoppers are targeted by theft and false advertising. It is important to remember to always buy your products from a populated and reputable location. Be sure to carry protection with you, and always be more alert during the Holiday season.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News

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