The 4 Technical Tools Businesses Need from Day Dot While tech can optimize your business if you want to guarantee a smooth operation, you will need to understand the essentials every business needs from the very outset. Here are some essential technical components that will guarantee smooth sailing.

Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Numerous cloud service providers can provide a reliable data backup and recovery strategy. Data is the most valuable currency because we are holding sensitive data on our customers as well as ensuring that we protect our processes in every single permutation. Data loss can occur in different ways, and this is why we have to guarantee there are robust processes to ensure that if there is data loss, data theft, or system failures, the information can be protected and/or restored.

A Scalable Technical Infrastructure

This is entirely dependent on your business needs and budget. Choosing the right cloud service provider that offers the services to allow you the opportunity to scale your infrastructure is a fine art. You should look at your infrastructure with the view to scaling it up gradually and organically over time. Naturally, any business will experience fluctuations in workloads. Systems need to have the capability to handle increased workloads during peak times without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, it needs to be available across multiple zones, such as different regions. We have to minimize downtime where possible because any impact on our infrastructure will slow down business operations. Scalability is often a buzzword that is overused, but if you look at scaling your business in terms of the services you offer, you also need to ensure you have the technical infrastructure alongside it.

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Data Protection & Cybersecurity

The devastating loss of data theft is not just felt by the business and the customer, but potentially the employees as well. Data breaches invariably cause customers to lose their faith in a business. Therefore, having firewalls, state-of-the-art encryption services, and regular updates will prevent any vulnerabilities in your armor. This isn’t just an outward-facing practice, you can also restrict data access based on an individual’s role. Access control policies can ensure that only the very privileged few can view the most sensitive business information.

Communication Tools

We’ve talked about the impacts of data breaches, but we also need to ensure that aside from the external-facing components of the business, the people in-house are also well-cared for. Teamwork and collaboration are all facilitated by exceptional communication tools and methods. There is no one-size-fits-all practice here. Standard project management tools like Asana can facilitate better communication and teamwork, but you may have a group of individuals who work autonomously. Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing software will ensure better communication and collaboration across the business.

At the very outset, an organization needs to have the right tools. One of the common misconceptions amongst new businesses is thinking they need the latest and greatest tools. While there are benefits to having newer systems, especially the upcoming Microsoft tools that incorporate AI, the fact is the right tools will depend on your specific business goals.

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