The App Store will get new advertising slots from Apple


Apple has announced that it will be allowing app developers to purchase advertising slots in the App Store. This move is likely meant to help compete with Google’s Play Store, which has been offering this service for some time now. Developers interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity can sign up on Apple’s website. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best US slot sites, visit, where you can find trusted and reliable casino operators.

Expansion in Apple’s advertising inventory

According to a message sent to developers on Tuesday inviting them to an online session to encourage them to buy ad space, Apple plans to debut fresh ad “placements” as soon as the holiday season. The new spots are a significant boost in Apple’s advertising supply, which is presently concentrated on the App Store. In recent years, Apple’s advertising inventory has been restricted to just one unit in the Search section of the App Store and one position on the search results page.

According to the notice, which was shared by Mobile Dev Memo founder Eric Seufert and confirmed to CNBC by a developer who received the invitation, you may advertise your apps across the App Store this holiday season.

App store ads

The App Store currently has advertisements, but with the expansion announced by Apple, developers will have even more options to promote their apps. With the expansion, app developers will be able to buy ad slots on the App Store’s “Today” homepage and on individual app pages. This is in addition to the existing options of promotion in the “Search” tab and in Search results.

When it comes to product page ad placement, Apple claims that developers will not be able to target a certain app. The firm, on the other hand, states that the ad recommendations will be “appropriate” for each page, implying that consumers may see ads for immediate competitors on app listings.

Advantages of advertising in the Apple Store

The advantages of advertising in the Apple Store are many. For starters, your ad will be seen by millions of potential customers who visit the App Store every day. And because the App Store is a global marketplace, you can reach customers in all corners of the world. Additionally, Apple’s ad platform is highly effective and efficient, so you can be sure that your ads will be seen by those who are most likely to download and use your app.

Developers of all sizes can use Apple Search Ads to promote their apps. These new ad positions, like our other advertising services, are based on the same foundation: they will only show content from apps’ authorised App Store product pages and will follow the same strict privacy rules,” an Apple representative told CNBC.

Why did Apple take this decision?

In light of the recent increase in public attention, Apple has decided to increase its inventory.

Apple’s advertising revenue is a part of the corporation’s services business, which encompasses several sources of income, such as warranties and licensing fees for the use of Apple search engines. In 2021, this branch will report over $68 billion in total revenue.

Wamsi Mohan, an analyst from Bank of America estimated that Apple could generate a revenue of $5 billion solely from Apple Search Ads in the year 2022.

App Tracking Transparency: Is it fair?

In 2021, Apple released App Tracking Transparency (ATT) to allow iPhone users to share a unique ID with app developers if they so choose.

Online advertisers are unable to accurately monitor the performance of their advertising because most iPhone users choose not to share their information.

Apple said it made the adjustment because of its corporate privacy stance. It enables customers to disable Apple-personalized ads on the App Store and prevents Apple from targeting search advertising based on their account data and previous purchases. Almost 80% of users disable Apple’s personalized ads, which is comparable to the number of ATT users who opt out.

Facebook parent Meta has criticized ATT as anti-competitive and self-serving. According to Meta, Apple’s move may cost it $10 billion in revenue this year.

So, what would happen with ATT app?

Apple has not given any indication that it will change its stance on ATT, despite the criticism from Facebook.

It is clear that Apple is willing to forego short-term advertising revenue in order to maintain its long-term commitment to privacy. This move may also help Apple gain trust and loyalty of customers who are concerned about their online privacy.

The App Store is set to get new advertising slots from Apple, giving developers more opportunities to promote their apps. This move comes as part of Apple’s commitment to privacy and may help the company gain trust and loyalty from customers who are concerned about their online privacy. However, it remains to be seen how effective these new ads will be in terms of generating revenue. Only time will tell.

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