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Apple has done an incredible job of bringing many developers into the iOS ecosystem. Through a forward-thinking strategy, the App Store has become the most important application store. Over 1.5 million apps are available to all iPhone and iPad users, under a rigorous approval process to ensure consistency, function, and privacy. In addition, many digital products use the freemium distribution model, greatly benefiting developers. But what do users like the most? Here are the top-rated categories of apps in the App Store.


The bulk of iOS users downloads games because they are interested in mobile entertainment. One of the best examples of success: Call of Duty: Mobile as this first-person shooter has fast-paced and addictive gameplay. Fighting in teams, players must complete combat missions and defeat opponents at any cost, thanks to weapons and combat tools.

Also, iOS users love roguelike games like Dead Cells. Playing in a mystical world with unique locations and monsters, they explore the ancient history of the ruins and comprehend new powers. By the way, classic platform games like Oddmar are also popular. People like to control cute characters, explore picturesque locations and collect bonuses. Such games can be compared to live bitcoin baccarat regarding the euphoria and joy of winning.

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Business apps are also very popular among iOS users. For example, people often download banking clients to manage accounts, make transactions and control financial flows. Also, iPhone and iPad owners often download project management apps like Smartsheet. Such software products are convenient for planning business processes, exchanging work orders, and monitoring daily business activity.

Also, business users often download applications like QuickBooks to create invoices and send them to their customers. Such applications simplify account management and many financial transactions because creating a financial form takes no more than a minute. By the way, many of these applications are directly synchronized with bank accounts, which simplifies accounting activities and reporting.

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The era of smart gadgets has changed the approach to education and the search for new knowledge. Now people prefer to use applications with express lessons and training video game exercises. For example, Duolingo is at the top in the iOS segment, which allows you to learn the basics of foreign languages and improve vocabulary and pronunciation.

Also, users love educational applications that allow them to cope with certain math tasks. For example, Photomath allows you to automatically analyze mathematical formulas and solve equations. Users also like to download apps like Khan Academy that give them access to a vast knowledge base and relevant educational content.


And here is the most versatile category of applications, which is popular among all iOS users. For example, owners of iPhones and iPads often download Pinterest, an application for finding visual content and creating photo albums. Tinder is in the same category, ideal for dating people nearby and finding a partner.

Surely you will be surprised. But the famous Amazon Alexa is also part of the lifestyle category. With this digital assistant, you can manage your smart home, search for important information on the Internet, and interact with the online community through commands. This approach is extremely popular among iOS users.

Food & Drink

You will hardly find someone who does not like delicious food and drinks. That is why this category is so popular in the App Store. Apps like Uber Eats allow you to choose meals from local restaurants and cafes. Surely the fast delivery of delicacies and drinks will help you have a good time. In any case, this approach is chosen by many iOS users.

By the way, McDonald’s is another popular app for those who can’t imagine their life without French fries, burgers, and famous desserts. This application, like DoorDash and Crumbl Cookies, is top-rated in the Food & Drink category because people value their time and want to eat deliciously.

Uber Eats iOS app for food delivery


Millions of Apple fans use shopping apps like Amazon Shopping every day to buy new products. This digital trend is obvious because not everyone is ready to use old and inconvenient websites. Instead, you can find what you need by clicking on the product catalog and attributes essential to you. Giants like Nike, SHEIN, Etsy, and eBay are extremely popular for making shoppers’ lives easier.

By the way, many shopping apps like “The Christmas List” are popular because of the ability to stay on budget. You can also track popular products, make shopping lists, and track all critical events and discounts. So it is unlikely that shopping fans will miss this opportunity to organize their purchases and get more benefits from seasonal promotions.

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iOS users are highly active and love downloading apps from hundreds of categories. But all the sections described above App Store are leaders in the mobile segment. People often download apps from these categories, and there are many reasons for this. That is why you can follow everyone’s example and find those apps that will help you achieve all your goals. Fortunately, many software products are available for free for iOS users.

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