The top Mac VPN for 2020

If you are traveling outside of the United States and want to enjoy the same Netflix shows, stream the same services and download the same documents as you did back home, a VPN is not just a good option. It is a necessity. People who are permanently located in regions where there are restrictions on internet services can enjoy the freedom of access to any website with a good VPN. The advantages of using a VPN are the same regardless of what type of device you use. You can even install the best VPN for iPhone or Mac for free.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an abbreviation for a Virtual Private Network. The purpose of this technology is to connect people to the internet through a secure private network. This involves routing the internet connection through the virtual private server rather than through the internet service provider. The VPN disguises the user’s IP address, which allows anonymity and privacy. Any data that passes through is disguised through encryption. The key to decoding the encryption is known only to the computer and the VPN, and this is what makes VPNs among the best ways to provide data security.

Why You Need a VPN for a Mac

The conventional wisdom says that Macs are more secure than other electronics. There is some truth that Apple products have stable security features and are not targeted by hackers as often. However, there are many reasons why the Apple cohort still needs a VPN, whether for a Mac or an iPhone VPN, because it can improve security and provide the user with more browsing options. Since geographical restrictions on web content can affect anyone, regardless of what device they use, a VPN is necessary for those who use Windows or Mac. 

Using a VPN enables anonymous browsing, which is essential when you don’t want your IP address to be detected. Online privacy means secure data and extra protection against hacking and malware. Finding a paid or a free VPN for Mac can add a layer of protection to your device. 

Besides, blocking your IP address means that you can access websites and services that may be otherwise restricted based on your geographical region. This can be useful for streaming videos and accessing services that may have been blocked or available in your area only at a higher fee. Not only does a VPN improve security and increase internet browsing freedom, but it can save money.

What to Look for in a Mac VPN

It is important to be aware of the essential features before installing a Mac VPN service. Security is a main priority, and the VPN should be associated with a location with a no-logs policy or data retention laws. Encrypting your data should also be emphasized with any VPN, including powerful encryption, firewall, and obfuscation technology.

For streaming and downloading, speed is of the essence, and having generous or unlimited bandwidth will prevent stalling and buffering. Simultaneous connections help you make the most out of your VPN and eliminates the need to purchase more than one. Finally, making sure that the servers cover areas not restricted for the desired service is vital to consider before choosing a Mac VPN.

Why Urban VPN Is the Best Choice

Urban VPN for Mac is fast, free, and anonymous, which are significant advantages over similar VPNs. In addition to providing VPN services for Mac, Urban also offers free VPNs for Windows, iOS, and Android. It has 81 locations in 21 different countries, expanding the selection of websites and services it can access. It is simple to install from the Mac app store, without opening an account or remembering passwords. There are numerous extensions, including those for social media platforms, Netflix, YouTube, Disney, and many others. 

Urban can offer this advanced technology for free because its Peer powers it to Peer community. Users share network resources to unblock the internet and browse freely without detection. All browsing data is deleted to protect users. Urban also provides live support to answer questions or deal with technical issues. Speed is at a premium level, even though it is provided at no cost. 

Urban VPN matches all of the criteria for an ideal Mac VPN. It offers the speed, security, choice of locations, and internet freedom that is often associated with costly services. Since it can be downloaded free of charge from the Mac Store, and there are no hidden charges, Urban VPN offers the best value and dependable and secure service for Macs and iPhones. 

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