Tim Cook highlights story of Apple Watch saving another life

Apple CEO frontman Tim Cook shared a tweet this week which highlights that an Apple a day really can keep the doctor away. It was another success story recording the Apple Watch Series 4, this time, the device allegedly detected atrial fibrillation in its wearer, potentially saving the user’s life thanks to its new ECG functionality.

Elissa Lombardo, the wife of the device wearer, contacted Cook on Twitter to share her husband’s story. After just two days of wearing the device, Mr. Lombardo received an alert to a previously undetected A-Fib issue. That, combined with a heart reading 150 bpm, incited Mr. Lombardo to seek immediate medical attention. It was in the emergency room where doctors were able to discover blockages in his arteries.

He then received two stents and underwent major surgery. Following the successful treatment, Mr. Lombardo’s wife tweeted: 

“New Apple Watch saved my husband’s life this week! Only two days old and it diagnosed A-Fib and 150bpm. He went to ER which he never did with same symptoms. Found major blockage in arteries as a result. Two stents later, he is as good as new! Telling the world. Thank U!”.

This certainly isn’t the first case we’ve heard of the Apple Watch and its ECG feature saving someone’s life, and it’s unlikely to be the last.

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