Top 10 games for Apple fans Relax in the company of the heroes of the top 10 games for iPhone. Shooters, classic role-playing games, strategies - Marvel Super War, Total War Battles: Warhammer, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Honkai: Star Rai

Honkai: Star
Honkai: Star Rail | iOS game

Owners of Apple gadgets use modern devices for making calls, communicating on social networks, and for organizing comfortable leisure. The games, adapted by developers for iOS, help to distract from everyday life. A lot of entertainment is released every year, which fans of Apple play with pleasure. The number of applications in the official App Store at the beginning of 2022 is more than 4 million, including 1 million games for every taste – the statistics confirm.

Top 5 games for those who use the iPhone

The content of the official store is quite diverse, there are enough adventures and military battles, entertainment for a purely female audience, for those who love comic books. The table shows popular games for the iPhone, indicating the developer and the main characteristics.

Title Year of release Developer Game type Main characters
1. Marvel Super War 2019 NetEase Strategy Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, others
2. Apex Legends 2019 Respawn Entertainment Multiplayer Shooter Vantage Sniper Savant, Newcastle Heroic Defender, Mad Maggie Rebel Warlord, Ash the Evil Provocateur, Sear the Ambush Artist, others
3. Total War Battles: Warhammer 2017 Creative Assembly Strategy Grimgor’s Greenskin Tough Guys, Dwarves, members of the Vampire Count and the Empire, Beastmen, others
4. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy 2014 (улучшенная версия для iOS) Rockstar Games Shooter Tommy Versetti, Carl Johnson
5. Undecember 2022 Needs Games Hack & Slash Monsters, others

Unlike the service of Red Dog online casino, which is available to residents of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, gamers from around the world can play games from the top 5, customizing them to their own requirements (if such an option is provided by the developer).

Marvel Super War – MCU | iOS game

Marvel Super War

Events in the Marvel Universe require the player to destroy buildings, progressively moving his border closer to the opponent’s base in the name of defeating him. The competition is set up for two teams – 5 people in each. There is a voice chat to optimize communication with the other team members. Communicate with your fighters, increasing the chances of a victorious finish. 

Apex Legends

A shooter that up to 60 people can play at the same time. Single fights are not allowed – only team fights. The maximum number of team members is 5 people. They collect equipment together with you for future important battles with your opponents.

Total War Battles: Warhammer

It is perfect for fans of big battles. Adaptation of content allows players to comfortably play on smartphones with different sizes of touchscreens. During the game, you will encounter mages, monsters, command troops, and manage a fraction within a strategic map. 

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

In the Weiss City story, you will play gangster Tommy Versetti, who has recently been liberated from prison and now works for the mafia. In 1986 there was a deal going on, a huge amount of money was lost. The gangster’s goal is to find it. 

The player’s goals in San Andreas change dramatically. He plays Carl Johnson. The character is interested in stopping the spread of drugs, eliminating drug trafficking within the city.


It is a game with runes of enhancement, and abilities, with a lot of characters and the possibility of getting into the goblin’s gold vault. Runes improvement system is available almost at the beginning of the story chain quests – the player is offered two options: level up or change of runes. The main character’s equipment consists of 11 items, which have certain skills.

Undecember | iOS game

5 iPhone games you should play

Numerous factors contribute to the popularity of games for the iPhone – the concept, the player’s capabilities, additional options, the possibility of team play, etc. We have chosen 5 games from the TOP 10 that modern gamers will enjoy:

  • Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – an employee of the Japanese secret service receives a letter informing him of the probable return of Count Dracula from the world of the dead. The secret agent has a certain amount of power, and if he lacks it, he will take the help of magic specialist Lucy. 
  • Metal Slug – Awakening is a classic shooter in a new version with free-to-play (micropayments are available). The player will win if he uses grenades, rifles, and flamethrowers to fight the enemy hordes. The release of prisoners who meet on the way promises a variety of rewards. It is possible to choose several characters with specific skills and equipment.
  • Star Wars: Hunters – the universe of Star Wars is always attractive to a certain range of players. For dynamic real-time battles, you need to create a team in one of three areas – Rebellion Heroes, Bounty Hunters, Empire. You have to apply specific skills, and develop a certain strategy to control huge arenas. 
  • Salaam – is a game about a refugee traveling through an impassable jungle with a caravan. Travelers are looking for a safe place. The player’s task is to make a path so that the refugees can survive, avoiding obstacles and dangers. 
  • Honkai: Star Rail – is a science fiction style game, the action unfolds in a universe of unusual format. Futuristic gameplay with fantasy elements will certainly be appreciated by players who want to go on a fascinating journey in the Astral Express spaceship. The game involves many characters with unique skills – the girl Himeko, who found the wreckage of the space shuttle, the swordfish Danhan, guarding the ship, and others.  
Star Wars: Hunters | iOS game

Door Kickers 2 ( tactical strategy), Project: Ragnarok (RPG action), eFootball 2022 (soccer simulator), Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis (classic role-playing game) is no less fascinating games. Each of the above games is available to download and install on smartphones on the official App Store website.

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