Top 7 best essay writing apps for macOS & Windows Writing essays is an integral part of every student’s life. This type of assignment is widespread in schools, colleges, and universities. And even though it’s very common, most students still find it the most challenging type of task.


If you are also struggling with essay writing, we have some good news for you. Although you can’t avoid such tasks, you can use certain tools to make the process simpler than ever. Read on, and in this article, we will tell you about some of the handiest apps for effective essay writing that you can get for macOS or Windows.


Best all-rounded solution | Availability: Web

Among all auxiliary apps for essay writing, EssayService is the best for solving all your academic matters at once. It’s a place where students can pay for an essay, research paper, coursework, dissertation, and other types of assignments and get them done by a professional essay writer. At EssayService, you will find a vast pool of academic writers with years of experience, MA and Ph.D. degrees, and specializations in different academic fields. With this tool at hand, you can rest assured that all your papers are of the highest quality, with zero plagiarism, and right on time.


Best for finding reliable helpers | Availability: Web

If you want to order essays from professionals but don’t know where to find the most reliable and professional ones, NoCramming is the tool you need. Available on the web, this essay service review platform has the most extensive collection of honest and unbiased reviews that you can trust. So whenever you struggle with essay writing, feel free to hop on NoCramming and discover the best essay writing services that will help you get the highest grades.


Best for Excellent Grammar | Availability: macOS, Web, Windows

If you decide not to get professional help, Grammarly is the #1 app you need for effective and successful essay writing. This tool was created to help students and professionals automate the proofreading and editing processes. When you write your essays with Grammarly or paste them into the app once completed, you receive a complete overview of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in real-time. If you upgrade to premium, you will also see suggestions on how to improve the style, tone, word choice, and other things in your paper to make it flawless. And there’s even a built-in plagiarism checker.


Best for organization & planning | Availability: macOS, Web & Windows

A brilliant essay needs proper preparation, planning, and research. Often, students feel overwhelmed by the scope of work and information and lose something important out of sight. If that sounds like you, Evernote is your best helper. Known as the world’s best note-taking app, this tool also has many other great features. It enables you to plan your assignments and workload in detail, take notes during the research, and organize your ideas in an easy and seamless way. And it also features lots of creative templates for different content types, including essays, novels, and more.

Microsoft Word

All-time best | Availability: macOS & Windows

It’s hard to imagine that there is anyone who hasn’t tried this tool yet. Microsoft Word is an integral part of the well-known Microsoft Office suite. This set of tools is meant for educational, professional, and personal purposes. And it’s been time-tested and loved for many years. With Microsoft Word, you can type your essays and other documents without a hassle. The tool boasts an incredibly intuitive interface and lots of great editing and formatting features.

iA Writer

Best for Productivity | Availability: macOS & Windows

Sometimes, the toughest part of writing essays is getting started and maintaining focus. In today’s world, when there are so many distractions waiting for you on the web, it can be hard to get your assignments done. And that’s what iA Writer is meant for. This great writing app is designed for maximum focus and productivity. It has a straightforward design that includes all the basic tools that you may need and doesn’t have any other distractions. So when you start using iA Writer, it’s just you and your essay.

Hemingway Editor

Best for Clarity | Availability: macOS, Web, Windows

Have you ever felt like your sentences and paragraphs are just too hard to read and comprehend? This is a common issue in academic writing when your primary task is to discuss complex topics in simple words. For such cases, Hemingway Editor is the best app. This simple but helpful tool was designed to help everyone boost the clarity and readability of their writing. Hemingway Editor analyzes your text and gives you helpful suggestions on how to make it easier to read and understand. You can use it free of charge on the web or purchase a desktop app for your Mac or PC.

Writing essays might be the hardest part of studying in college. Nevertheless, these days, there are plenty of apps that make this process simple and convenient and guarantee a good result. Now you know about some of such apps. So don’t hesitate and start using them for your own success!

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