Top Instagram Stories mistakes and tips to solve them

Creative mobile photo production
Creative mobile photo production

People who start posting on their Instagram accounts think that it’s as easy as playing at the PlayAmo casino Australia. But it’s wrong. In fact, you must know some techniques to increase your coverage. And these are the mistakes you should avoid while posting Instagram stories.

Meaningless stories

A few years ago, you could talk about what you were doing, where you were going, and that would have been enough. Now stories like, “Look, here I ate, here I went for a walk!” don’t work. Even short videos need to be meaningful. There has to be story development and storytelling in the posts. These are the main factors that affect coverage and reduce the chances of your stories being skipped, also known as ‘Forward’ on Instagram.

Talking head

Combine photos and videos in your posts, use different plans – close-up shots, long-distance shots, shots from the side, from below, or from above. In general, there are a lot of options! Use your imagination.

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Unsigned stories

Many people watch the stories without sound, so it’s important to duplicate the essence of the video with text, either in full or in part. This will hook subscribers and make them linger on your story, not just swipe to the right.

Write the main point you want to convey or some intriguing phrase that will make the person turn on the sound and revise to find out what you’re talking about.

Poor picture quality & light

Basic rules to create a beautiful picture:

  • Always wipe the phone camera before taking a picture.
  • Shoot with good lighting.
  • Don’t use a thousand masks and filters that distort you and make stories fake.
  • Don’t shoot stories at night in a car without lights.
  • Don’t shoot yourself against the light.
  • Don’t edit videos in apps that spoil the picture quality.
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Readability & aesthetics

It’s important that the text on the post should be easy to read. Don’t make it too small or too big. Choose the right colors so that they stand out in the background, but at the same time blend in nicely with the colors in the video. Don’t put blue, yellow, crimson, red, and purple text on one post.

You don’t want to put white text on a yellow and pale backing, because they won’t read it. A person won’t strain to look at something. Make the stories easy to read!

Not being who you really are

When a blogger impersonates another person, the audience feels it. People are not fools, they can see falseness even through their phone screens. So don’t wear masks. Always choose your topic! Talk about what you really like. About what energizes and ignites you. This will give you a great response and success.

Build blogging into your life, not the other way around. Don’t set your life up for the blog, let it be a part of it. Always tell the truth. It’s easier and faster to move forward!

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Useful tips 

There’s no such thing as a tip that will always give you high coverage. There are tools that work once in a while. For example, if you publish a photo in your underpants, the coverage rises for 24 hours at the most. After that, it will fall again. Such techniques are a one-time action, which will not give anything.

A good blogger is one whose coverage doesn’t bounce up and down from day to day. A good blogger’s stories are one that is watched no matter what he does.

To increase the coverage, you have to:

  • Be watched to the end.
  • Have interaction with the content.

Nowadays, quality storytelling raises coverage. That’s why it’s important to learn how to build it competently and to present any story, even the most mundane one, in an interesting way. Remember, a blogger is a person who can create bombastic content out of nothing!

For stories to be watched to the end, they need to be varied and interesting. For your audience to respond to any question or request for feedback, you need to ask the right questions and build audience loyalty. A loyal audience is always watching your stories, no matter what you’re talking about.

The main thing now is to rock a strong personal brand in your storied posts and do some cool storied stuff. Then your audience will always be with you and won’t leave when you change your blog topic. A strong personal brand on Instagram is what makes for good sales and easy earnings.


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