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Are you planning to buy a new PC or a laptop? We are sure you are, and it is primarily the reason you are on our page looking for reasons why Mac OS is better than Windows. As it may be clear from our title, we are quite the Mac supporters, and we have genuine grounds to extend our support to it. Through this article, we will share with you all the reasons why we feel the Mac OS is better than Windows.

However, before we get to that, let us state some facts that you should know. Even though Apple computers’ popularity is continuously on a surge, there is no denying that Windows still happens to be the indisputable global leader of OS for PCs and laptops.

In November 2019, the Net Market Share data stated that Windows was the top rank holder with a market share of 88.39 percent. Second, in line is macOS, but there is an apparent disparity between the numbers as Mac has a market share of only 9.05 percent, followed by Linux in the third place with 2.21 percent. Keeping in view these figures, it is apparent that a lot of people still prefer Windows laptops and desktops. Regardless of that, we recommend the macOS to you; why? Let us find out.

The experience

For a user-experience, one of the most pivotal aspects is the operating system. So, be it the Mac or the PC, what’s of primary importance is how you interact with the computer. Windows 8 is notorious and is famous for crashing repeatedly, and thus, in departments of customer satisfaction and design, it does not fare very well. However, thankfully, Windows did try to overturn it with their Windows 10, but they still have a long way to go compared to the Mac OS. Why?

Yamen, who offers online assignment help Melbourneshares that the great thing about the macOS is that it is stable, refined, clean, and has an easy to use interface. Well, we agree with Yamen, and that is the reason why macOS matches our taste so well, making it a much better place for you to spend your time. Though touch has been omitted, its mouse gestures and the trackpad are an incredibly effective alternative. The complete macOS experience feels like quite an evolution to the already thoroughbred system.

Mac is cheaper in the long run

The key reason why many people shop for Windows PC is they are cheaper when compared to Macs. Obviously, we only mean the up-front cost when we say cheaper because you can get a Windows PC for a lot fewer dollars. However, is that the correct cost of ownership? In our view, your ownership cost is not limited to the acquisition cost. You need to consider the residual value of your desktop or laptop after you trade or sell it. The difference between the acquisition cost and the residual value gives you a clear idea of your laptop’s cost. If you compare the costs in this manner, the Macs are the clear winners. For this, compare the price you can get for your three-year-old Windows to your three-year-old MacBook. You will know that the latter will be a clear winner.

Your Mac can run on Windows 7, 8, or 10 too

As a Mac user, you can thoroughly enjoy a Windows OS on the virtual box on a separate partition or the same partition. Aron, an online precalculus tutorsays that I love the Mac OS because I can enjoy my Windows games and apps without any restrictions. With Apple, you get the Bootcamp assistance, which helps you install your Windows OS on the Mac. You can look for the application in the Utility directory on your Mac.

Choice is limited

Is that a positive? Well, 100%. Let us explain how. We are quite aware of the mindset, the wider the choice, the better it is, but that may not always be true. When you go shopping for a. Windows laptop, there is a vast choice available. However, given the immense variety of options, it may get a bit overwhelming for you. To add to it, what makes the decision-making process even more challenging is that every laptop comes from a different manufacturer.

Consequently, the decision-making process can be a bit confusing. The same is not the case with Apple. Apple, as a brand, is particularly cautious in what it offers its customers. So, with them, you will always get your hands on the best quality. They do not sprawl themselves out too thinly. Instead, they ensure that they offer you only what’s top of the range. It is why, with every model releasing with them, you get an outstanding choice. Consequently, shopping for what you need is a lot simpler.

Hardware and software both manufactured by Apple

For your Windows computers, the responsibility for the OS development is with Microsoft. On the other hand, with Apple products, the complete responsibility of software and hardware production is catered by Apple alone. Consequently, as a user, you will get an optimal combination in both aspects. So, now, the thing is OS is designed specifically for the equipment engineered in the Windows laptop. On the other hand, in the Mac, the equipment is engineered, keeping in view the OS. More so, since there is only one company responsible for the complete process, along with the supervision of the software and hardware production, the final product you get naturally is unprecedented. Apple takes note of every littlest detail; they know what the user needs and try their bit to offer them precisely what they need.

The same thing is apparent when you compare iPhones with Android phones. In Android phones, the OS has to adapt to the innumerable manufacturers and models. On the other hand, Apple designs its devices specifically to run iOS. So, naturally, you are guaranteed better fluency and greater functioning with Apple.

Shopping Macs is easier

While we were doing the background research for this article, we went to a store to shop for a PC. After only 20 minutes of searching, our eyes glazed over. When there is a wide choice available, not only for the manufacturers, but the innumerable bells and whistles, sizes, and speeds that each one of them offers, it is almost impossible to decide whether you are getting the best deal or the right thing or not. On the other hand, with Mac, it is so much easier to narrow down your research process. More so, you have a 100 percent guarantee that you will get your hands on an authentic and well-made product from a well-respected brand.



This is one of the prime reasons why many companies are switching to Apple computers and laptops for their offices over Windows. Because of the relative bliss that you can enjoy, thanks to the lack of malware and spyware. Now, we are, in no way, saying that Apple computers cannot get viruses, but it is more of a Windows OS problem than a Mac OS. Brian, who offers cyber security courses onlinesays that for me, the primary reason why he went with Mac is that it is less susceptible to getting virus-infected.


It has an attractive design

Lastly, we would like to sum up by saying that in comparison to Windows, Macs certainly do have a more attractive and a better design. They are known for impeccable build quality, sleek and chic finish, and choice of better materials. Now you may argue that is the appearance or the looks the basis for shopping for a laptop? Of course, it is not the first and the foremost thing that you take into account, but it is certainly one of the things you consider. See, for instance, if you find two laptops, which have more or less similar features, similar OS, but one looks better than the other, which one will you pick? We are almost sure that you will go with the one that looks better than the other.


In both their Macs and desktops, Apple keeps a good note of sophistication in the choice of materials and appearance. There is no surprise that many manufacturers even try to ape Mac’s attractive design, but Apple has still not seen competition in the looks so far.


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