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Decades ago, most TV shows were just soap operas made for housewives. However, the industry has changed dramatically since then. Today, TV series have a lot to offer: extraordinary scripts, award-winning actors, breathtaking graphics. And with the rise of the relatively young Apple TV+, even more, is coming.

The unique feature of Apple TV+ is that it’s absolutely free for students as long as you are subscribed to Apple Music. The campaign started this summer but went unnoticed by the majority of the media. You can watch great TV shows for free. All you have to do is confirm your Apple Music Student account and enter Apple TV+ with the same Apple ID, just like that. 

Not all of us can spend the whole evening watching a new season of See. Being a student means that your schedule is busy with exams, term papers, and constant tests. Sometimes watching even one episode can turn into stressing over upcoming deadlines and low grades. Luckily, you can ask an academic essay writer at EssayPro for help. You can avoid all this anxiety and relax while immersing yourself in an exciting plot. 

If you need any ideas on which show to choose, we’ve gathered a list of various genres. Each student will find something to enjoy for themselves. So, let’s get started!


Dickinson | Season 2 | Apple TV+

If you are a fan of historical dramas, then Dickinson is for you. Produced for Apple TV +, the first season was released when the service was just launched. The second season came in January 2021.

Starring Hailee Steinfield as Emily Dickinson, the series reveals the challenges of living at that time. Together with the young poet Emily, viewers explore limitations in the life of a young girl and the expectations society has for her. Basically, Dickinson is a story about a rebellious woman who wants her voice to be heard.

The series addresses difficulties that women faced before, as well as traditional gender roles and complex relationships between men and women. The topics are relevant now just as much as they were back then. 

The Elephant Queen 

The Elephant Queen | Apple TV+

This project isn’t a TV series, but it is definitely worth watching if you want to exchange the concrete jungles of your town for a bit of nature, even if it’s just on the screen.

The documentary takes us on a journey with Athena, the elephants’ leader. She walks through the African savanna with her herd, and their road is full of dangers and difficulties. The film was highly critically acclaimed when first shown at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2019 Sundance Festival.

Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble, the documentary’s creators, have been working on it for four years. The film certainly focuses on Athena, but it also demonstrates other animal species encountered along the way.

Little America 

Little America | Apple TV+

The series is based on the lives of migrants in the US. Their romantic and inspirational stories were first released in Epic Magazine and later became the original source for the episodes. The show will be interesting for everyone irrespective of nationality or gender.

Each of the eight half-hour episodes is an adaptation of a short story from the magazine. It may seem that Little America is a typical drama on how to survive in a foreign country, but the show is much more than that. These are funny, emotional, and most importantly honest stories of ordinary people who decided to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

The series became critics’ favorite even though there are no flashy names or impressive budgets. 


Servant | Apple TV+

Living in Philadelphia, the Turners are a successful couple. Sean is a popular chef, and his wife Dorothy is a local TV news broadcaster. However, their life is far from a fairy tale, as they recently lost a three-month-old baby.

Dorothy cannot recover from the tragedy, so she continues to babysit a doll, believing it’s her child. She even hires a nanny—the 18-year-old Lianne. Soon after, strange things begin to happen in the Turners’ house. 

The series is full of mysteries and questions, and the tension only grows from one episode to another. It’s hard to tell who’s good or bad in this story, so watch till the end to draw your own conclusions.

For All Mankind 

For All Mankind | Season 2 | Apple TV+

If an alternative version of history sounds like something you would enjoy, For All Mankind will be perfect for you.

On June 26, 1969, the United States lost the Space Race to the USSR. The Soviet cosmonaut was the first to set foot on the moon. Still, Americans are not giving up and decide to challenge the Soviet Union again. 

So, what would happen if the space race hadn’t ended? The vibrant atmosphere of the 1960s – 70s and the brilliant script are set to answer this question. Like well-written characters and enjoy following the interactions between them, the development of their inner world and feelings? This will be the perfect pick for you. 


Ghostwriter | Apple TV+

Perhaps, each of us at least once wanted to travel back to our childhood. Ghostwriter’s goal is to immerse you in that period.

The series’s main characters are four kids who have one thing in common—they can’t live without books. That is why they often meet in a local bookstore. However, one day they meet a ghost there, and the most incredible things begin to happen. The characters, both good and evil, appear in reality, so teenagers are trying to help them return to the fictional world. Will they manage to save them all?

Oprah Talks COVID-19

Oprah Talks COVID-19 | Apple TV+

Released in March 2020, the series consists of online interviews with professionals and people who have somehow faced the impact of the pandemic. Oprah is starting a conversation to figure out how we can get through the crisis, providing valuable insights and useful tips, just like she does in all projects she works on.

Shows have traditionally been treated as entertainment, but nowadays, they take on a new meaning. More and more series take on a historical role and tell the life of talented people and previous trying times. Others help us analyze what is happening here and now. Our list has both. So, we hope you will have time in your busy schedule to watch some projects from the list.


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