TSMC Showcases Pioneering 2nm Chips to Apple, Setting Stage for 2025 Launch In a groundbreaking development, TSMC has unveiled its advanced 2nm chip prototypes to Apple, marking a significant leap in processor technology.

N2 2nm Chip | TSMC - Apple Silicon | Image: AppleMagazine

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has recently presented Apple with a glimpse into the future of computing power, revealing its cutting-edge 2nm chip prototypes. These chips are expected to debut in 2025. The Financial Times has reported on this notable development, highlighting the close collaboration between TSMC and Apple in advancing beyond the current 3nm chip technology.

The new 2nm chips, known as “N2”, promise to enhance transistor density, performance, and efficiency, setting a new benchmark in the semiconductor industry.

These innovative 2nm chips are poised to play a crucial role in the evolution of Apple’s silicon portfolio, as well as in the advancement of next-generation data center and artificial intelligence technologies.

TSMC has not only demonstrated the impressive test results of these prototype chips to Apple, but also to several other key clients, indicating a significant stride in its chip development plans.

DigiTimes has shed light on Apple’s strategic position in TSMC’s competitive landscape, which includes rivals like Samsung and Intel.

Apple’s commitment to TSMC’s 2nm chip technology is unwavering, with no plans to reduce orders for these advanced chips before 2027. This partnership underscores the tech giant’s leading role in adopting novel semiconductor technologies.

Apple has already made history by being the first to use TSMC’s 3nm technology in its A17 Pro chip, featured in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. This trend is expected to continue with TSMC’s N2 chips.

The production of these 2nm chips is scheduled to start in 2025, and their integration into Apple’s devices is anticipated to follow closely behind, marking a new era in processor technology.

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