Twitter rolls out ‘unmentioning’ feature

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to tackle abuse on its platform.

Unmentioning allows users have more control over conversations they’re having on the platform, excluding themselves from the narrative and leaving conversations that they’re tagged in. It’s the first time that this has been possible on the platform and will no doubt prove to be a useful feature amongst power users and heavy-hitters.

In order to take advantage of the feature, users just need to click on the three-dot menu from a tweet or thread they want to be removed from. It’ll then be possible to leave the conversation. Should you do so, Twitter will:

  • Untag your username: Your username stays, but it’ll be untagged from the original Tweet and all replies.
  • Stop future mentions: People can’t mention you again in this conversation.
  • Stop notifications: You won’t receive further notifications, but can still see the conversation.

It’s one of the latest features the company is rolling out to reduce abuse on the platform, and the company says it’s added the tool to help users remove themselves from receiving unwanted messages and attention.

Are you pleased with this new tool? Let us know and check back soon for the very latest. 

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