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Twitter Testing Eye-Friendly “Night Mode” on Android App

Twitter has evidently been testing a new “night mode” in its Android app for at least a month – and, earlier today, the feature reappeared, this time with the option to enable and disable it at will.

The in-the-works night mode, like the dark mode rumored for inclusion in this fall’s iOS 10, quite simply bathes the interface in much darker hues. However, this isn’t just a cosmetic tweak; it can also reduce the likelihood of eye strain when viewed in dark environments.

As Android Headlines notes, night mode had previously been spotted in an alpha version of Twitter’s Android app last month. However, it was unclear whether it could be manually switched on or off; instead, it might have simply automatically activated depending on the user’s time zone.

Today, however, Android Headlines shared a screenshot clearly showing a toggle for night mode in a newer alpha build of the Android app. Should Twitter go ahead with rolling out night mode for the public version, it looks a certainty that iOS users will be getting it as well.

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