Twitterrific 5 Makes Tweeting Fun Again

Back when social networks were in their infancy, tweeting and Facebooking was something fun to do to waste a little time. Somehow, though, as they went through a process of becoming part of our daily lives that we can't live without, the fun factor has been drained. Yet I'm here to report that I had to literally pull myself away from playing with the new Twitteriffic 5 to write this review. I found myself having fun all over again.

Even reading Twitter online isn't that great of an experience anymore. It's hard to find the functions I'm looking for. While it might look good, it doesn't matter if it's not going to do what I want. And most of the third-party apps are either boring are just as difficult to understand.

But Twitteriffic 5 changes all that. This is more than an update; it's a complete redesign. And it's a beautiful one at that. You have your choice of a black or white background, but after viewing it with the black, switching to the white background was literally burning my eyes. The colorful wording and large avatars just make it that much better over the black. Additionally, you can also set the typestyle and size of type. That's a big help for my older eyes that seems to need the help of reading glasses more often than not lately.

Everything that you need is literally right there in Twitteriffic 5. There are no multiple columns. You open up the app and you're greeted with all the recent tweets from the people you follow. You can easily switch to your Messages and Mentions, and Favorites. If you click on a person you can see everything you need to from their recent tweets to their mentions, favorites, and lists of their followers and who they in turn are following.

The Twitterrific 5 app is a a $2.99 download at the App Store , and according to the App Store entry, that's a reduced rate and will double at some point in the future. Yet, that $2.99 is well-spent to make tweeting fun again.


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