Using Apple TV for digital signage

Digital Signage | Times Square Garden - New York City, NY

There are a few reasons why the Apple TV device is now being used to power digital signs.

Apple TV is so popular for digital signs, that digital signage Apple TV software has been specially honed and optimized to work beyond expectations.

Success bred success

Some people started to see how suitable Apple TV was for digital signs, so they told people on LinkedIn, they added it to their online articles and guest posts, and other people started to adopt the technology for their digital signs. Rather than online articles focusing on the top 10 digital signage solutions, they simply included Apple TV as the streaming device and moved on. People simply consider Apple TV to be the standard.

Apple TV 4k 2nd generation setup box

Apple TV is plug & play

The setup box does not require any big technical setups or installations. People are very familiar with Apple. Companies that are already using Apple desktop products feel very comfortable using tvOS, iOS, or macOS.

There is also the fact that Apple products tend to balance their power pretty well. Other devices are trying similar things, but Apple has always had that “keep simple” philosophy, even under a high-quality design interface, and it works great for streaming. People want their digital signage hardware to work quietly, stable, and without any surprises or complicated setups. Apple is a pretty good choice when it comes to power saving and smooth uninterrupted running.

Apple TV 4k 2nd generation setup box
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