VDR: The ultimate guide to Virtual Data Rooms When applying for different needs, users should be aware of peculiarities, features, benefits, and main steps of setting it up.


Due to technological progress and the development of the digital industry, the appearance of new tools, programs, and solutions is inevitable. Therefore, virtual data rooms occupy an honorable place among helpful, reliable, and convenient platforms that simplify, accelerate, and protect processes related to data management.

Virtual Data Room: What is it, and how to use it?

Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a secure, virtual space for data storing, sharing, management, and controlling alongside keeping contact with users who have access to this repository. A data room may be used by multiple parties and is very convenient for businesses regardless of location.

If you want to launch a VDR for business or other needs, you must find a provider like  https://dataroomproviders.ca/firmex/. As a rule, a data room is installed on a server and serves as a centralized resource. Therefore, multiple devices can be connected to it if they have access.

 It is not the same as cloud storage

Many inexperienced users can confuse VDRs with cloud-based storage. At first sight, they may seem similar due to their virtual nature and primary purpose of storing data. However, some features showcase the inequality of data room comparison with cloud storage. 

VDRs are more secure and multifunctional. They applied not only for sensitive data-keeping. All the activities with files are tracked and may be restricted by the administrator. In addition, ease of document management and searching significantly saves time. Moreover, VDRs can be applied in complex processes like M&A, IPOs, fundraising, due diligence, and others. The number of options and their variability depends on the feature included in the  VDR you use.

How to set up a data room?

If you decide to launch a new project and want to try VDR in action, you should consider the next steps in setting up your data room.

  1. Choose among the best data room providers. Weigh all pros and cons of offered features, read reviews, and compare features and pricing policy to select the credible one. 
  2. Create a group. In big companies, not all employers are engaged in every project. So, you may easily create a group of people involved in a particular deal and add all the required users to the group. Interestingly, it is not obligatory to be at the same office. Group members may be from various continents but easily cooperate and communicate in mutual VDR.
  3. Set permissions. By applying data room software, an administrator controls all the changes with files stored in VDR. After gathering a team, it is necessary to give required permissions or restrictions to all the participants. For instance, an owner may let all the users edit files but not download them. So, this step is crucial to prevent undesirable operations or data leakage.
  4. Add documents. Finally, the administrator may add all the necessary files and documents for work using the drag-and-drop feature. In addition, uploading piles of docs in a moment is also possible using data room services. 

Users will appreciate the easiness and efficiency of applying VDR. Administrators can control and trace all the actions at a particular time and even get statistics of processes and progress.

Why is it beneficial to apply a VDR

Understanding the advantages of using VDR may accelerate the process of its implementation. The list of benefits is rather impressive and persuasive to convince indecisive consumers. So, how can you win by applying online data room software?

  • Save time. Time is money, and it can not be denied. Using VDR, you do not have to spend time on delivery or hours trying to get to negotiations or meetings. You may securely share any document with one click.
  • Security. Owners should not worry about sensitive data. All information is protected and encrypted.
  • Easy management. You will never lose any files by using innovative, intelligent systems in-built into VDRs. Starting typing the document’s name or key phrases, the software will find it in a moment.
  • Compatibility. Users may have access to the electronic data room from several devices. So, if you forgot a contract in an office, it is not a problem to download it from VDR, accessible on your mobile wherever you are. 
  • Control. An administrator may define who and when edited or copied a document to determine errors or leakage. Moreover, the progress of the project is also under surveillance.
  • Communication. When using encrypted online chat, it is possible to ask questions and get answers within a group.

Implementing new technologies to keep up with the time is essential. However, be careful when you compare virtual data rooms. You should consider all the features and ensure the quality matches the price. You should not be afraid of changes or difficulties because implementation is quite a simple process and will have a positive impact from the first moments of application.

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