Video Study of iPhone 7 and SE Cases Backs Up Current Rumors

Video Study of iPhone 7 and SE Cases Backs Up Current Rumors

We’ve reported plenty of rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 and 4-inch iPhone SE – and, now, a video study of supposed cases for each handset appears to support the authenticity of these claims.

The video comes from YouTube channel Unbox Therapy and sees Lewis Hilsenteger unboxing cases which, he claims, came from “halfway around the world” and veteran Apple component leaker Sonny Dickson. Hilsenteger places an iPhone 5 into the iPhone SE case and an iPhone 6S into the iPhone 7 case to show how the upcoming models should differ from those already on the market.

He finds that, though the sixth-generation iPhone decently fits into the new small case, the volume buttons don’t align completely faultlessly – which, Hilsenteger speculates, might be due to the iPhone SE’s use of curved edge glass, like that of the 2014 and 2015 iPhones, in place of the iPhone 5’s sharper edges.

Afterwards, he finds the iPhone 7 case to have a peculiarly large camera opening too far down to align with the iPhone 6S rear shooter – hinting at a significantly upgraded camera. Furthermore, the right-hand opening at the case’s bottom edge lacks sufficient width to accommodate the attachment of a 3.5mm headphone plug – supporting the rumors that the dedicated headphone jack will be gone for the iPhone 7.

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