Vision Pro: A Product of Decade-Long Innovation & Teamwork In a groundbreaking journey marked by innovation and collaboration, Apple's design leaders unveil the creation of Apple Vision Pro.

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The launch of Apple Vision Pro marks a significant milestone in technology, representing over a decade of anticipation, rumors, and groundbreaking work. Behind this revolutionary product are Apple’s design chiefs, Alan Dye and Richard Howarth, who recently shared their experiences and challenges in bringing the Apple Vision Pro to life. In an enlightening discussion with Wallpaper magazine, Howarth, Apple’s Vice President of Industrial Design, expressed the initial uncertainty and ambitious goals that propelled the project forward.

We had the feeling that this could be great, but we had no idea how to achieve it,” Howarth said, highlighting the daunting technical innovations required to solve unprecedented problems.

Alan Dye, Apple’s Vice President of Human Interface Design, emphasized the meticulous process of idea protection, detail obsession, and the hard work that went into making Apple Vision Pro not just a reality but a product that feels natural, intuitive, and comfortable.

Dye pointed out that the Apple Vision Pro is a testament to Apple’s design ethos, requiring an unparalleled level of collaboration across hardware and software teams to create a unified product experience.

No product more than Apple Vision Pro exemplifies the nature of how we’ve designed the studio and worked as a studio for over a decade,” Dye reflected.

The creation of Apple Vision Pro was a symbiotic process, as Howarth noted, with no division between hardware and software development. This integrated approach ensured that every aspect of the product was developed in harmony, adhering to Apple’s high-level goals and principles. The team’s unity and shared vision were crucial in navigating the complexities of such an innovative project.

Dye highlighted the transformative potential of Apple Vision Pro in connecting and enriching people’s lives, a core value in Apple’s product development philosophy.

It was the realization that the product could foster connection that fully committed the team to the vision of Apple Vision Pro.

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Ultimately, the moment of knowing when the product was ready came when it embodied a  complete experience — inevitable, familiar, and distinctly Apple.

When the product, as a piece of hardware and software, exemplifies the nature of how we’ve designed the studio, that’s when we know we’re done,” Dye stated, confidently placing Apple Vision Pro in the hands of consumers as a unique achievement only possible by Apple.

Apple Vision Pro is now available, starting at $3,499, marking a new era in technological innovation and design excellence.

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