Ways to get involved in the gaming industry through your iPhone

Gaming on iPhone 13

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we live perhaps more than any other technology of the digital age. They have given us new ways to connect with one another and access the many forms of entertainment we enjoy. One such form of entertainment is the gaming industry and there are many ways to get involved with it via your smartphone.

Finding new games through the Apple App Store

The obvious way to get involved with gaming via your iPhone is to head into the app store and explore the games available. There have been many iconic games designed for mobile like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Candy Crush, Pokemon GO, and Fruit Ninja. There are many, many other titles to explore too and they are all in the palm of your hand via your smartphone.

If you are unsure about what games to try from the App Store, you can simply open Safari and do a little research about the best games to try. When you find some suggestions, look them up in the App Store to see screenshots and trailers, read the description and see reviews from other players. What’s more is that the Apple App Store also highlights the most popular played apps and games at a time, as well as listing the top Apple games that are best suited to you. This is a great feature that allows you to easily discover new trending games that other Apple iPhone users are loving too. Whether you are searching for PUBG Mobile to download, or for the latest slot games on the mobile app from leovegas.com/en-gb/, there is a wide selection of great games to explore!

Discover more through social media

The gaming community is very active on social media. Developers and reviewers all have a presence across the top channels, posting updates and other content to keep people informed. This can help keep you immersed in the gaming industry when you are unable to actually play and you can stay on top of the latest announcements and developments.

Further to this, Facebook actually offers opportunities to play games. There are some titles that are specifically created for Facebook and you can play them while you are logged in. You can also play trial versions of things to get a taste of the action before becoming a pro at the games!

Join in with the online gaming communities

If you really want to immerse yourself into gaming communities, there are places to go on your smartphone where you can join other like-minded people to chat and learn about games. Discord has many servers you can join to be part of the conversation on a number of gaming-related topics. There are also gaming-based forums you can participate in, or you can join follow accounts and communities on social media.

Being part of a gaming community can be very rewarding. You can learn things you may not have known about the games you love and get tips on how to be a better player. You can also get recommendations about new games to try and stay up-to-date on the latest gaming news through your peers!

Jump on board the trends of online game streaming

Gaming has moved beyond just being a player as the means to enjoy a game. You can now get just as much enjoyment through watching others play those games. YouTube has long been a resource for ‘Let’s Play’ videos from people like Jack Septiceye or PewDiePie. These people show us the most popular games whilst bringing their own style of entertainment and humor for some hugely enjoyable videos.

This concept has evolved further in recent years as the ability to livestream has grown through some of the best game streaming services. YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms also enable viewers to log in and watch their favorite streamers play, with the ability to participate in the experience through a live chat with other members (and sometimes the streamer too).

Everything at your fingertips

Your iPhone gives you everything you need to be actively involved in the gaming industry. Whether playing mobile games, connecting through social media, participating in gaming communities, or consuming video content, there are all sorts of ways to get involved.

Explore the power of your smartphone and take your connection with the games industry to a whole new level.

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