What are the chances of the next iPhone Pro housing an M1 chip?

M1 chip

We may not be expecting the iPhone 14 lineup to be unveiled until September this year, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors about the new devices’ possible appearance and specifications rumbling ever-more loudly.

Just in recent weeks, we have had leaked CAD renders and schematics, as well as reports suggesting that Apple could rename what was expected to be its new iPhone Pro A16 chip, ‘A16 Pro’. The latter would apparently make room for the existing A15 chip to be rebranded ‘A16’ and reused in the cheaper models in the iPhone 14 range.

But what if a major clue about one of the most defining aspects of the iPhone 14 Pro range, lies right under our noses – in the form of its tablet bigger brother? Yes, we’re suggesting that with the fifth-generation iPad Air having now been graced with the Apple-designed M1 chip, the same move could be made to give a monster power improvement to the next iPhone.

It isn’t just ourselves who have been openly wondering; a recent captivating concept video imagined a foldable and portless iPhone also embracing M1 power. And if even the iPad Air 5 – not just the iPad Pro – is now running M1, moving on from the A14 Bionic used for the iPad Air 4, this surely raises questions about the long-term future of the A-series chips.

Apple has promised buyers moving from the fourth-generation iPad Air to the fifth-generation tablet a 60% quicker processor, as well as twice the graphics performance. The boost that M1 could offer the iPhone range, then, could be quite something.

Perhaps such a transition could start with the iPhone 14 Pro before spreading to other devices in the longer-term iPhone lineup, or maybe M1 could even appear in every iPhone 14 at once? If you ask us, it’s certainly a worthy suggestion for the rumor mill.

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