When will Apple Music come to Tesla cars?


Apple Music could be coming to Tesla cars sooner than we think, according to a new report.

At a Tesla exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, the Tesla Model S was running a future software update, and it had an Apple Music icon for the first time. According to Aaron Cash, who shared the news on Twitter, it looks like we’ll soon be able to listen to music via Apple Music.

Cash, who was at the event, says that users will need to scan a QR code on their iPhone to log into Apple Music, and then their favorite tracks will appear on the Tesla Apple Music app.

https://twitter.com/Aaron Cash/status/1594255172602978304

Apple Music support for Tesla has been a long-awaited and long-requested feature, and on more than one occasion, it felt like Apple Music was coming to the carmaker’s operating system, only for it to be delayed. Now it’s testing on a vehicle at an exhibit, it seems like we’re likely to see the update soon.

‌According to Not A Tesla App, we’ll likely see Tesla’s next major update next month.

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