A beginner’s guide to collecting magic the gathering cards: Where to start

Magic The Gathering

There are over 8,000 different cards in Magic The Gathering, and these cards come from different sets, which means they can be from any time frame between the very early 1990s to the present day. 

One thing that is fantastic about this game, is that it is available online, on desktops, and on mobile phones. It is available on iOS, so you can play it on your phone and collect the cards, which is a great way to enjoy the game. As you might expect with this said number of cards, there are some that are very powerful. If you want to know which ones will be the best for your game, keep on reading!

Dragon Cards

Dragon cards are powerful because they all have dragons in their name. However, obviously, just having the word “dragon” in your card’s description does not automatically mean that it is really strong or useful for your game. For example, the card Jugan The Rising Star has a pretty good stat line of 5/5 with flying and trample, but it costs 8 manas to summon him on the battlefield, which is very expensive compared to other creatures at this time period. Nonetheless, dragons in MTG are powerful cards, and they are given a wide berth to move around the battlefield due to their size and strength. The Ur-Dragon is considered to be the most powerful of the dragon cards, and it is a massive 20/20 flyer with trample. To summon him you would need to sacrifice 5 different dragons from your hand, 5 from your graveyard, and 10 from anywhere, but this card does have some weaknesses such as its casting cost of 50 mana which makes getting all of his pieces a bit difficult for any player. So, the dragon cards are very versatile and powerful and can be used in a variety of decks that you build.

Magic The Gathering

Angel Cards

Angel cards are also very powerful. They have a wide range of abilities, and there are many types of angels that can be summoned onto the battlefield to fight for your team. Some angel cards have the ability to smite your foes, which means that they will deal damage directly to a creature or player, and other angels can heal your own creatures from damage by healing 1 point at a time. One card called Serra’s Guardian has one of the best stat lines in Magic The Gathering history with 7/7 flying vigilance and lifelink which is great because if she takes any damage you gain life equal to her power level. Another type of angel card called Tariel, Reckoner Of Souls has no weaknesses due to its triple protection of First Strike, Deathtouch, and Regeneration which makes your opponent have to be careful when they attack with this card. All in all, the angel cards are powerful creatures, and they have many useful abilities that make them good for any player to use.

Zombie Cards

Zombie cards have a variety of abilities and stat lines. Some zombie creatures are easy to kill with a simple instant kill spell, but other zombies require a lot more power before they can be destroyed, such as the card Unbreathing Horde which has 13 toughness which is very difficult for most players to get through in order to destroy it. There is one type of zombie called the Zombify card, which allows you to take control of an enemy creature from your graveyard and permanently add them onto your team, essentially giving you two creatures for the price of one. Zombies work well within decks that focus on sacrificing or killing their own creatures since some zombies can come back stronger than before after they’ve been resurrected from the graveyard again and again. They also work well with cards that allow you to return creatures from your graveyard back to your hand or battlefield since zombies can be used multiple times before they are truly gone for good.

Vampire Cards

Vampire cards are very versatile creatures that can be used in a number of different decks. Some vampire cards focus on draining the life out of your enemy by making them lose life equal to the power level of your vampiric creature, while others allow you to become stronger after taking damage by giving yourself +1/+1 counters. One card called Anowon, The Ruin Sage allows you to destroy a target non-land card from the game which essentially means that you could end up deciding the outcome of the game if your opponent does not have any lands left because he or she can’t play anything else due to this powerful black card’s ability. Vampires work very well within decks that focus on draining your enemy’s life points and keeping yourself alive by gaining life with cards like Soul Warden or just staying alive with cards that offer protection. Vampire cards can also be used in any deck since they are powerful creatures overall, especially Anowon which is one of the best black cards for any type of player to use.

Goblin Cards

Goblin cards, in general, are very fast creatures, which makes them good to use. Some goblins have the ability to come out onto the battlefield for a cheap mana cost, while others can be summoned earlier in the game by using a Goblin Ringleader card. One card called Goblin Chieftain has an effect that allows all goblins within your deck to get +1/+1 permanently when he or she is on your field or in your graveyard because this powerful red creature cannot be targeted by spells or effects. In addition, another Goblin Warrior named Kiki-Jiki can copy any other goblin on your field when he attacks, so you could potentially have two Kiki-Jiki’s on the battlefield at once if he manages to kill your original goblin. Goblin cards are good for players who want to use many cheap creatures or like goblins because they can be summoned easily and can potentially become somewhat overpowered with the right card combinations.

Collecting magic cards can be a lot of fun and there’s a variety of different things you can do to your decks. You can do it with friends and see who has the best deck, or you can participate in matches against other players online, which awards you for winning matches. So, if you want to start collecting magic cards and making your own decks there are a lot of fun things you can do, so start today!

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