Which device to choose for study: iPad, MacBook, or iMac Are you choosing a device for learning but don't know which one is the best? Let us help you to discover what to choose

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

These days, learners have to use digital devices. They use them for new skills over their curriculum, do homework, and even take notes in classrooms. Moreover, distance learners utilize gadgets to get new materials, share their assignments, and communicate with tutors. Indeed, Apple devices are the best pick for those who need reliable and fast devices that help cope with everyday tasks with no fuss.

Even though Apple doesn’t offer a wide range of products to choose from, people still get puzzled trying to choose from three entirely different gadgets: the iPad, MacBook, and iMac. Let us review the pros and cons of every product for learners and discover which one is the best for your own case.

iPad models 2021

iPad for education

According to Apple promotion campaigns, the iPad is the best device for learning new skills. It is a portable gadget that every learner can carry with. The size and weight of this device are similar to a book. However, it’s much thinner. In the meantime, it has a large screen that can help consume information effortlessly. The iPad also has impressive battery life that foresees the opportunity to use it without carrying a charger and looking for an outlet.

Using the iPad, learners can store and access a lot of documents and books in a few taps. Students can download books and use them in classrooms and at home. One small device can contain tons of books, delivering a similar experience, which is very convenient. The large assortment of applications available for downloading helps turn the iPad into a comprehensive tool for studying.

Unlike eBooks, it can use Augmented Reality (AR) to help students obtain new knowledge and learn new skills. This technology increases engagement, showing them how a particular item, mechanism, or animal looks in the real world. Also, it supports different accessories, like a mouse, keyboard, and headset. Consequently, users can easily turn an iPad into a simplified version of a computer with physical keys for typing documents.

MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone

MacBook for studying

The MacBook is considered a must-have device for college students. The base model is more than enough for the majority of learners. It is a small computer that fits almost any backpack. It has a robust design, high performance, and great battery life. Depending on the model and task performed, learners can get up to 18 hours of autonomous work, which is an incredible result. In addition, recent models of the MacBook can be charged using a power bank. Consequently, students can bring their MacBooks elsewhere, use them all day long and not be afraid that a battery will get drained fast.

Besides, this gadget has a convenient keyboard and trackpad. Undergraduates can conduct comprehensive research, create documents and visuals quickly using the MacBook. All the models have a backlit that makes the device comfortable to use at night. However, when students don’t want to spend the entire night doing an assignment, they examine the Extra Essay review and learn more about a writing service that may help get homework done. Also, learners can use the MacBook for image and video editing, presentation creation, and even new application development.

iMac 24 inch – 2021 generation

iMac for students

The iMac is a desktop computer from Apple that has a large screen and top performance. It’s not portable at all due to a large size. The latest models have a 24-inch screen. Moreover, it doesn’t have a built-in battery. The iMac needs an outlet to work. Also, it comes with the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard in the box. Despite the thickness of the most recent iMac model, it still needs a lot of dedicated space in a room.

Thanks to the large screen size, learners can perform a lot of different tasks using the iMac efficiently. They can surf the Internet fast and research with no hassle. Also, they can create and edit documents at a high pace. However, the performance delivered by the iMac allows students to go further than creating college papers. This device foresees the opportunity to edit videos, work with music, create websites, and build applications. Users can launch apps that need high computing power, connect additional monitors and work seamlessly.

Summing up, it’s hard to define the top device that all learners need to use for studying. All the gadgets from Apple have distinctive peculiarities that make them perfect for particular tasks. The iPad is an ideal gadget for school students. It’s small and lightweight. At the same time, it allows children to consume the content effectively and can bring access to a large number of educational materials.

The MacBook is a perfect device for high-school and college students who need to do a lot of homework and have the ability to bring their gadgets to any location. They can use it to write papers, communicate with teachers, and do some amateur illustrations or video-editing tasks. The newest iMac is a top-grade machine for those who need a high-efficiency computer to tackle complicated tasks. It’s perfect for undergraduates who learn design, architecture, software engineering, and so much more!

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