Why Apple Devices are Better for Media Production Apple devices are superior to Windows in numerous ways. And for some time now, they have dominated the media production scene.

MacBook Pro 16

Given that MacBooks and other devices using macOS are powerful right out of the box, this is no surprise. But that’s not all there is. For instance, Apple devices are made to a much higher standard than a laptop, with quality-of-life features you won’t get anywhere else. Here’s a rundown of why you should use MacBooks for media. 

Interconnected Device Compatibility

Pretty much any media project relies on different types of devices. These include capture devices, storage, and other systems. For instance, you may be a budding photographer and need to upload images to a MacBook. Or maybe your new DJI Air 3 has captured some stunning aerial shots for your next project. Apple devices have you covered when it comes to everything you need to complete your work, as these are made to work with each other. 

Apple devices are seamless in their interconnectedness and can communicate effectively. From capturing shots on your iPhone, you can instantly upload them to the cloud and then grab them later to edit with your MacBook. For this reason, MacBooks and other Apple gadgets offer a superior experience. Of Course, Windows laptops can use similar features, but the ease of use can be somewhat perplexing. Right out of the box, your Apple devices offer instant connection.


There are many high-quality laptops and phones available. But MacBooks and iPhones are designed with quality in mind. From the display richness to how you interact with them, Apple devices offer a unique all-in-one package. Take Apple’s stunning Retina Display, for example. This benchmark feature comes as standard across most Apple devices, making the display more crisp and easier to read, just what you need when editing video and photographs.

Then there are the keys. Yes, even the keys on MacBooks are superior because they use scissor-switch mechanisms that offer comfort and reliability. And they are even spaced at the perfect distance for almost all power users. Further to media production, MacBooks come with four force-canceling woofers and two tweeters, making on-the-go audio production closer to being in a studio than anything else available on the standard laptop market without extra costs.

Advanced Usability Features

Apple has always been at the forefront of advanced technology, and its laptops are no different. One of the greatest features of the MacBook is the magic trackpad. If you have ever used a standard laptop, then you will know how finicky a trackpad can be. Only now have some manufacturers, such as ASUS, begun to improve the design. But the MacBook’s trackpad has always been a reliable feature of the device that some laptop designers are now copying.

The Reason Why the MacBook

is superior is that it is designed around haptic feedback, a feature now being implemented in many consumer devices. Rather than buttons at the bottom of the pad, this allows you to click anywhere, and it will be done by the OS. But what makes the Magic Trackpad special is that it comes with finger gestures similar to a smartphone, that you can use to enhance productivity, a nifty feature for fast and accurate media production.

Magic Trackpad | Image: AppleInsider

A Sturdy & Strong Design

First, any device will only last as long as you look after it. That being said, some devices are much more fragile than others because they just aren’t made very well. Of Course, certain brands manufacture their phones and laptops very well and are excellent alternatives. But the overall design and build of a MacBook or iPhone simply outshine the competition because of the materials they use. For example, MacBooks are made from a single piece of aluminum.

Known as a “unibody” design, this reinforces the strength of the devices and makes them more resistant to everyday damage. Aluminum is very light in comparison to its overall strength and can withstand reasonable force. And the final, yet probably most important, advantage is that aluminum is resistant to corrosion. Corrosion resistance is vital for tech products like laptops and phones that use electrical components, certain materials, and batteries such as lithium-ion.

macOS, of Course

There are only three main operating systems that most people know. These are Windows, Linux, and macOS. The OS is the interface you see that allows you to interact with the computer. And fans of each are fiercely protective of them. macOS is among the best operating systems and often stands out against Windows for various reasons. Some of these are:

  • macOS is easily integrated with other Apple devices, such as the iPhone
  • There are advanced features such as tabbed windows for easier usability
  • OS settings are easily navigable, grouped, and very easy to find what you need
  • The App Store is quick, easy to navigate, and doesn’t contain malicious apps
  • Amazing software for media such as iMovie, iTunes, and Photos is included
  • The OS is configured in such a way that it uses power far more efficiently
  • The interface is much more user-friendly, with everything you need easily found
  • The macOS operating system is believed to be much more secure than Windows

These are amazing features of macOS, and while some users also argue that macOS is more secure, this is debatable. Studies have found that only around 6% of hacks happen to macOS users. However, you must consider that macOS only accounts for around 7% of web users, so there is going to be a huge difference between the number of hacks and hacking attempts.

Fewer But Better Options

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to looking for a phone or laptop. Brands like Samsung offer many options. But it can be overwhelming when looking for the features you need for media production. All you want is a reliable and powerful device. With Apple devices, you only have a few options, this MacBook Air or that MacBook Pro. Each is different, but the reduction of choice removes doubt and improves the overall buying experience for the user.

Even after buying your device, the simplicity is extended. Compared to other online marketplaces, the Apple App Store is supremely organized and focused on ease of use rather than bombarding you with the latest apps and games to drive profit. And if you have any trouble deciding between a device, the Apple stores are friendly with highly knowledgeable staff. Apple Geniuses can help you find exactly what you need without the hassle of complex system specs.

Apple Devices Last Longer

A laptop can last a long time, but it requires the kind of care only an IT professional can provide. Windows is known to degrade and become slower over time, forcing you to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the OS. You don’t need to do this with macOS. And physically, MacBooks and iPhones also last much longer and don’t have the same level of wear and tear that standard laptops succumb to. Finally, you can always get a good deal when selling your used Apple stuff.

Second hand Apple devices sell very well because they are physically strong and sturdy thanks to the unibody design. And the aluminum materials also ensure they stay looking clean for years. So even a MacBook that has been used for several years can look almost as good as new if you care for it right. Additionally, Apple is excellent at keeping users happy by continuing super for older devices and their operating systems, something Microsoft is lagging behind in.

Stylish & Niche Branding

There are media studios, newsrooms, and basement setups all over the world with Apple computers. Apple laptops and rigs are prized by their owners and are something of a niche product. This makes them cooler and more coveted than standard laptops. But because of their inherent power, they are prized as valuable media production assets for serious artists. The internal CPUs, RAM, and GPUs are designed with 100% compatibility for working in style.

Devices like MacBooks are known for their power and expense. However, the expense is always justified when compared to other laptops on the market from other brands. This makes them an excellent choice for media production, and as a result, Apple computers are associated with creative and successful people. Of Course, they aren’t made for gaming, but they were never meant for that anyway. When you buy a MacBook, you are buying it for productivity.

The connection of Apple devices makes them a perfect range of products for media production. You can upload images to the cloud from an iPhone for easy editing later on, and the strength and sturdiness of a MacBook, for example, makes them excellent for use in the field. But it’s the features that really impress. macOS is easier than any other OS to use, and you can always find what you need. And at the end of the day, an office of Apple devices just looks cool.

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