Why Digital Passwords Are Becoming a Thing of the Past: The Growth of Web Authentication

The evolution of technology means that we now have access to all sorts of platforms and technologies that have helped to make life easier. Modern tech has helped both individuals and businesses, with the latter benefitting in many ways. However, there are also some downsides to modern technology, and one of the things that a lot of business users become frustrated with is password management.

It seems that you now need passwords for pretty much everything, and this is something that has become difficult for many to manage. Not only do you need to use multiple passwords, but you also have to create new and inventive ones that are considered ‘strong’, and you have to find ways of remembering them all without increasing security risks by writing them down. There are many issues that come with multiple password usage for businesses, and this is why they are becoming a thing of the past. Many businesses are now turning to WebAuthn technology instead, and in this article, we will discover why.

Some of the Reasons Behind this Switch

So, why are more businesses turning to passwordless technology rather than sticking with passwords? Well, there are many reasons behind this switch, some of which are:

Improving Security

One of the reasons why digital passwords are becoming a thing of the past for businesses is that they can result in compromised security. Passwords are meant to be there to protect you and your accounts, but hackers and cybercriminals have become adept and are able to find out passwords with ease. Moreover, if you have the same password for many accounts, once they have one, they have them all. This can result in serious security breaches for your business. In addition, writing down passwords in a bid to remember them all can result in the information falling into the wrong hands.

Reducing Stress

One thing that a lot of people will agree with is that managing and dealing with passwords these days can be extremely stressful. Some people have to create and manage an alarming number of passwords, and this can prove very stressful and difficult. With passwords needed for all sorts of access and with the need to create different and unusual ones every time, managing passwords can become a very difficult task. With passwordless technology, the stress and frustration of password creation and management are eliminated.

Saving Time & Hassle

People spend a lot of time dealing with passwords these days, and this is time that can be better spent doing something more productive. Many do not realize how much time it takes to think of passwords, change them, remember them, and manage them, not to mention deal with the issues that arise from forgetting passwords. With passwordless solutions, you can save yourself time and hassle.

These are some of the many reasons why many businesses these days are doing away with passwords and turning to alternative solutions instead.

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