Why iPhones are best for streaming games Find out the features that improve the overall gaming experience

Smartphones have brought with them a major division amongst mobile gaming enthusiasts. While a good number of players prefer gaming via Android, a greater number enjoy the experience offered on iPhones. The arguments usually go back and forth and this is not surprising. There are a plethora of benefits that await players who access games on either of the devices.

Just as how we talk about the ease of streaming via an Apple TV here at AppleMagazine. In this concise text, we have shed more light on the benefits of streaming your favorite games on an iPhone or Ipad. Below, read the factors considered in rating as a better option when it comes to playing live games online.

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Regular games may have no particular effect on performance, however the same cannot be said for games being streamed online. Most times, when you play such titles as Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and Fortnite, these games demand higher performance than regular ones which are played without internet connectivity. As a result, players’ experience of the games is largely determined by the device used in accessing them.

While the performance of smartphones is largely based on their properties, Apple devices tend to perform better.  With the bionic chips which are used, games are very smooth and seamless without any hitches. The same applies to live games played from sites where players can interact with dealers. Such live games can be seen at casinos within Casinoreviews.net.nz which offer players a variety of reviews on sites where you can play. In addition, players are rewarded with bonuses on signing up on these sites. Consistency at some of them even gets rewarded with a VIP/loyalty program amongst other benefits.


This deals with how strong internet connections are. While this is largely based on the network provider, the device being used to access the game is also a major consideration. Apple iPhones are more receptive than Android as they are able to maintain a strong connection throughout the session. This boils down to the settings. For instance, when there is a network fluctuation, the device ensures that the best network is used at any given time.

In addition, players are able to easily use other features such as Do Not Disturb as well as Call Forwarding on iPhones to avoid any disruption of gaming sessions online. This is very essential as any interruption to online gaming could be detrimental, especially in competitive tournaments.


While the graphics largely depend on the particular specification of your phone, Apple iPhones offer better graphic quality on average.  For instance, playing Fortnite on the iPhone XS Max which was released in 2018 beats the Oppo A9 2020 which was offered into the market the following year. This is just a single comparison but this is the case with Apple devices that are older than the Android models. At Phonearena.com, you can find out more about what makes Apple budget devices to be more powerful than their Android counterparts.


The importance of a strong and durable battery cannot be overemphasized for mobile gamers. As when you stream, it requires internet use for continuous play. Therefore, it is necessary that gamers use devices with impressive battery capacity. According to GSMArena, the iPhone has one of the best smartphone batteries in the market at this point in time and continues to improve with each model released. 

This places Apple iPhones an extra step ahead in this category. It can be argued that there are other smartphone brands with equal or even higher capacity of power. However, the average battery capacity of most Apple iPhones is a further contributing factor.

With the increased use of smartphones, more online games are being made for mobile use. Although most users can easily access titles on their smartphones regardless of the devices used, the overall experience is enjoyed better on Apple iPhones. The performance, graphics, battery, and connectivity of these devices all combine for the ideal smartphone for playing or streaming games on mobile. Albeit, most of the time the cost is more, if you are a mobile gamer, you should consider an Apple iPhone, as it is far superior. 

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