World’s most popular payment methods

Apple Pay

Apple has announced several new features for the iPhone’s Wallet. The biggest new feature is a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ service dubbed ‘Apple Pay Later’. With such news in the payment space, we decided to look at the best payment options around the world. Wallet apps are quickly becoming the most popular payment method worldwide.


Apple Pay

In the United States, the contactless payment system is still gaining popularity due to its superiority and, more importantly, availability. Users of Apple devices can easily take advantage of the features available everywhere Apple Pay is accepted, also including Apple Cash and Apple Card (virtual and physical titanium card). They can now use an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV to purchase items in physical retail stores, mobile apps, or on the web.

The newest ‘Apple Pay Later’ is quickly overtaking other established payment methods. Apple Pay Later feature allows for simple purchases backed by interest-free monthly installments. In 2022, the loan service joined Apple’s list of financial services, becoming an important part of the $2 trillion company. When it first launched, the contactless payment service sparked widespread excitement in the United States due to the benefits it promised its users, particularly small businesses.

Google Wallet/Pay

Some people are surprised to learn that Google Pay is almost free. The digital payment app has grown in popularity recently due to its low cost. Furthermore, Google Pay’s superior features have made it far more appealing to users in the United States. The payment app received significant upgrades in 2017, gaining several cutting-edge features and, as a result, gaining many loyal users. It’s no surprise that the wallet is doing so well because paying with Google Wallet is quick, secure, and simple.



This is a prepaid card that has particularly grown in popularity in France. PaySafeCard was founded in 2002 and provides payment services to thousands of people across the globe. It is popular among online shoppers and online casino players due to its dependability and simplicity. The online payment solution is especially popular with security-conscious customers who want to keep their financial information private.


PayPal has proven its dependability and utility to its customers worldwide. PayPal has become one of the most popular payment methods in France. It has a strong presence in the country, with approximately 41% of consumers using its online purchasing services. PayPal is popular in France for a variety of reasons. The company established its dominance among businesspeople by offering installment solutions for small and large businesses alike. Among other users, PayPal has proven to be the best option by being transparent about fees and providing instant credit decisions.



Klarna is one of the deserving competitors alongside Apple Pay Later. This point-of-sale financing service provides incredibly flexible financing and monthly installment plans, making it one of Sweden’s best payment options. The Swiss company has proven to be dependable with millions of customers across 20 countries. Klarna also offers financing when you shop at various online and in-store retailers such as Foot Locker, Sephora, Apple, Macy’s, and Etsy. Many users prefer Klarna to other ‘buy now, pay later’ services because it allows them to make low-interest payments on expensive items.


Swedes, in general, prefer mobile payments over other methods. Swish has established itself as one of the country’s most dependable mobile payment apps. Swish is linked to a BankID and therefore to the users’ social security numbers via a bank. This connection allows for simple mobile banking. Users prefer it over other patent methods as it enables them to easily make purchases while on the go. Many customers prefer to pay at many points of sale without having to carry their payment cards or cash with them.

The future of payments

The recent development by Apple Pay Later, a subsidiary of Apple Pay, appears to be a positive step forward. Apple Inc. may have correctly predicted the future of payments. For some time now, the world has been gradually abandoning coins and banknotes in favor of cashless transactions. Given the number of transactions people make using cards and other alternative payment methods, a cashless society is arguably a new reality that is here to stay.

The rise of digital wallets bolstered this reality, and the world appears to be moving in the direction of wallet apps. The wallets store digital versions of credit cards, debit cards, and specialized cards, such as the well-known Apple Card. Convenience, among other advantages, makes digital wallets the next likely payment option. However, we can anticipate that the current mix of cash, physical cards, and digital payments will continue in the foreseeable future.

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