WWDC’24: What to Look Forward to at this Year’s Event With the anticipation building for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, the tech community is buzzing about the potential features of iOS 18.

WWDC 2024 | Apple Inc.
WWDC 2024 | Apple Inc.

This year’s event, set to run from June 10 to June 14, promises to showcase Apple’s latest developments, with iOS updates being a primary focus.

Given the iPhone’s pivotal role in Apple’s success, the evolution of its operating system garners significant attention. Amidst growing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across the tech sector, iOS 18 is poised to reflect Apple’s advancements in this dynamic field.

AI at the Forefront

AI stands as a central theme in the speculation surrounding iOS 18. This focus is not surprising, given the tech industry’s current fascination with AI technologies like ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

Apple’s marketing and leadership teams have hinted at AI playing a significant role in WWDC presentations and the future of iOS. Specifically, advancements are expected in the A18 chip, enhancing the Neural Engine to better support machine learning tasks.

While competitors have launched chatbots, Apple seems to be steering towards enriching features and Siri’s capabilities rather than introducing an Apple-branded chatbot. Efforts to refine Siri suggest a move towards more natural and personalized interactions, overcoming the current limitations in conversational fluidity. This initiative is backed by a noticeable drive in AI-related recruitments and acquisitions by Apple, signaling a major overhaul in Siri’s functioning.

WWDC 2024 | Apple Inc.

Broadening the AI Horizon

Beyond Siri, Apple’s AI ambitions extend across its ecosystem, incorporating machine learning into various applications and services. Leaks suggest that iOS 18 will introduce AI-enhanced functionalities in Pages and Keynote, such as auto-summarizing and auto-completion, alongside speculated developments in Apple Music for automated playlist creation. Furthermore, Apple’s exploration of AI extends to app development tools and image generation projects, highlighting a comprehensive approach to integrating AI technologies.

The potential for a dedicated AI App Store section underscores Apple’s commitment to making AI tools and applications more accessible to users and developers alike.

Redefining User Interaction

While AI is a significant draw, iOS 18 is also expected to bring about changes in user interface and interaction. Enhanced customization options for the home screen have been rumored, although details remain scarce. Despite rumors of a design overhaul inspired by Apple Vision Pro, credible sources suggest a more subtle update, focusing on aesthetics suitable for a mobile operating system.

iOS 18 Icon Concept | Image: AppleHub

Beyond AI: Maps & Freeform Enhancements

iOS 18 is also rumored to introduce new features for Apple Maps and the Freeform app, enhancing route planning and collaborative creativity. These developments, while not directly related to AI, contribute to the broader theme of making iOS more user-friendly and versatile.

As WWDC 2024 approaches, the tech community awaits confirmation of these rumors and the unveiling of iOS 18’s full capabilities. The emphasis on AI and user experience improvements underscores Apple’s commitment to innovation and responding to the evolving demands of its user base.

Tim Cook at WWDC 2019

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