watchOS 10.1 to Introduce ‘Double Tap’ Gesture for Latest Apple Watches The forthcoming watchOS 10.1 update will activate the 'Double Tap' feature for Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Apple enthusiasts have another reason to be excited, as the ‘Double Tap’ gesture is set to make its debut on the latest Apple Watch models, the Series 9 and Ultra 2.

This revelation comes from tech guru Marques Brownlee, the face behind the widely-followed YouTube channel, MKBHD. Apple has confirmed that this software enhancement will be part of the watchOS 10.1 update, slated for a release next month. However, eager fans can likely catch a glimpse of this feature in the first beta of watchOS 10.1, expected to drop by the coming week.

The ‘Double Tap’ functionality adds a layer of convenience for Apple Watch users. By simply tapping their index finger and thumb together twice, users can execute a plethora of actions on their device. This includes tasks like pausing or playing music, halting a timer, responding to calls, accessing the Smart Stack, and several others, all without the need to physically touch the watch screen.

This innovation is brought to life by the powerful S9 chip’s enhanced Neural Engine, exclusive to the Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. Apple’s team has ingeniously crafted an algorithm that senses the minute wrist movements and blood flow alterations when the two fingers tap together.

While this feature might sound groundbreaking, Apple already has a somewhat related functionality in place. Dubbed AssistiveTouch, this feature offers limited accessibility options and is available for Apple Watch Series 4 and its successors.

For those keen to try out ‘Double Tap,’ patience is key. Both the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are up to grabs from today. But to leverage the ‘Double Tap’ feature, users will have to wait for watchOS 10.1.

Currently, watchOS 10.0.1 is the most recent version, which saw its release just a day ago.

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