5 new features coming to the iPhone 13

iPhone 13

Apple is all set to announce its next-generation smartphone in just over a month’s time, and with the rumor mill continuing to spin, we thought we’d round up some of the features that are all but confirmed for the iPhone 13.


A smaller notch

Apple is expected to shrink the notch on the upcoming iPhone 13 model, according to sources such as Ming-Chi Kuo and Mac Otakara. The company has been working hard to reduce the size of the controversial notch, and though it’s made some progress since the original iPhone X, Apple still lags behind rivals such as Samsung when it comes to under-the-display technology. Apple will eventually remove the notch entirely and add a camera under the display, but until then, a redesigned module will be incorporated into the design to shrink the notch.


120Hz ProMotion Display

Another feature that’s expected as part of the new iPhone is a 120Hz ProMotion Display. The company will offer a 120Hz refresh rate on the iPhone for the first time, and at least two of the 2021 models will sport OLED displays with low-power LTPO backplane technology, which could even mean the introduction of an always-on display. Combined, the new technology will allow for better battery life and indeed improved image quality.


Bigger batteries

It’s one of the most common complaints about iPhones – the battery life always seems to suffer after six months or so. Apple hopes to combat this by introducing a larger battery pack on the upcoming device to support new technology and 5G connectivity. The largest iPhone 13 Pro Max will offer a 4352mAh battery, compared with the 3687mAh in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, whilst the standard will jump to a 3095mAh battery – exciting times ahead.


Reverse wireless charging

Apple could finally lift the lid on a long-awaited feature on the iPhone – the ability to charge your AirPods and Apple Watch from the back of your smartphone. As the new model will support a larger battery, Apple could enable reverse wireless charging. When Apple announced its MagSafe battery pack, it was confirmed that the current iPhone 12 already supports reverse wireless charging but that it’s turned off – perhaps it’ll come after all?


A bigger camera

It wouldn’t be an iPhone update without an even bigger and better camera. According to one report, Apple plans to feature an even larger camera bump on the iPhone 13 – it’ll stick out 2.51mm, up from 1.5-1.7mm on the 12-series handsets. That means the model will be thicker, and indeed support a more powerful camera.


Are you excited about the iPhone 13? Let us know and check back soon for the latest news.

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