5 Play-to-earn games to discover on iOS


Ever wondered what the NFT craze was all about? From luxury brands to art galleries, NFTs are a hot topic. But these digital collectibles first took the gaming industry by storm. Based on blockchain technology, play-to-earn games reward their users with non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrency every time they play. And these NFT games now range from RPG to card games. So, are you looking for your next entertainment fix on your iPhone or your iPad? Here come five play-to-earn games available on iOS.


Powered by the Hive blockchain, Splinterlands takes classic card games to the next level. In this turn-based game, you start with a handful of cards and gradually improve your deck to earn more rewards. And on Splinterlands, it is easy to win daily. 

Indeed, players earn DEC tokens with each passing victory. Since the tours are automated, you can maximize your earnings by going through several rounds in a row. You’re also free to take part in weekly tournaments to get your hands on rare cards and magic potions. And new prizes are launched regularly. Only recently, the Chaos Legion pack of cards helped Splinterlands pass the 1-billion battle milestone.

Axie Infinity

Are you a fan of Pokémon card games? Then Axie Infinity is just the thing for you. Your goal is to raise and breed mythical creatures called Axies. Once your squad of fantasy monsters is ready, it is time for them to enter the battlefield. Much like in Pokémon, the strengths and weaknesses of your Axie depend on their class. So, plan your attack wisely since victory comes with assets you can trade on the platform’s marketplace. 

Considered by many as a flagship of play-to-earn gaming, this NFT game has earned a solid fanbase since its debut in 2018. As a result, the price of most of these quirky little monsters has gone through the roof. Still, its addictive gameplay and cute design make it a popular choice on iOS.


The 80s were a golden age for driving arcade games. So, if you’re looking for a nostalgia trip, Turbo’84 might be right up your alley. This mobile action racer game boasts sharp graphics with a retro mood. And the gameplay is plain yet addictive. 

All you need to do is drive through obstacles and pick up speed to collect tokens on the road. Turbo’84 is not an NFT game, though. However, the game rewards you with Bitcoin via a prize draw. Then, you can invest your winnings in the crypto market. But if you’re not into trading, you can also spend your Bitcoin on Apple Pay.

Thetan Arena

Newcomers abound in the play-to-earn market. But Thetan Arena is the game on everyone’s lips. In this eSports game, players can gather with friends and form a team to combine teamwork and personal skills. Five game modes are currently available to spice up the experience. Therefore, you can show your skills in Battle Royale mode or be the last man standing in a Death Match.

Better yet, this newly released phenomenon is free-to-play. This means you don’t need to spend any cryptocurrency to challenge your best mates and earn money all the while. As such, the play-to-earn concept builds upon the legacy of the iGaming industry. Indeed, online casinos paved the way with exciting slots available for free. Gamblers can even access thousands of mobile slots anytime and anywhere. And they can win big, risking no money. Yet, just like an NFT game, the biggest prize awaits those who wager real coin.


For play-to-earn games, the time of poor graphics is gone. And MIR4 is definitely one of the most stunning NFT games design-wise. But this Asian-fantasy MMORP isn’t just about good looks. MIR4 features four classes of characters to fit any player’s gameplay style. Whether as a sorcerer or a lancer, you can then venture into an open-world full of monsters to take down. Players can also form alliances to wage war on enemy clans or perhaps besiege a foe’s castle. 

But if you’re not much of a warrior, the game lets you choose a less aggressive path. So, just focus on hunting and crafting to carve a different legend. And, of course, fill up your purse with exclusive in-game items and Draco tokens to trade.

Want to have fun and earn money altogether? No need to be a professional gamer. Play-to-earn games are an exciting way to collect and trade cryptocurrencies. So, grab your iPhone to join the NFT hype.

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