Apple Card Customer Assistance Program extended through August Good news for consumers who have an Apple Card in the US

Apple and Goldman Sachs have confirmed that their Customer Assistance Program has been extended through August, giving Apple Card users more time to pay off their credit card bill.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in March, Apple has allowed consumers to skip payments on their Apple Card without incurring interest or having their credit reports affected, and every month the Customer Assistance Program has been extended in line with the outbreak.

With experts fearing the pandemic will get worse in the US before it gets better, and with millions unemployed or on furlough due to the crisis, the Customer Assistance Program will be a welcome relief to many consumers.

Speaking of the Customer Assistance Program, Apple said: “We understand that the COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have difficulty making their monthly payments.

“Should you need assistance, contact Apple Card Support via Messages and enroll in our Customer Assistance Program, which will allow you to skip your payment without incurring interest charges.”

Those who had previously enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program must re-enroll this month to take advantage of a payment extension – otherwise, interest will be charged.

Are you planning to take advantage of the latest Customer Assistance Program extension? Let us know your situation and check back soon for more Apple Card updates right here.

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