Apple enables 120Hz scrolling on Safari on macOS

Apple has released an update to Safari that enables 120Hz scrolling for the first time.

For users with an M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro, the new update allows for 120Hz scrolling for ProMotion displays, based on feedback from consumers that said scrolling didn’t look smooth.

The Safari Technology Preview, which is currently on version 135, offers support for 120Hz scroll animations which should make scrolling and browsing the web smoother on the new MacBook Pro. When Apple shipped macOS Monterey, it didn’t offer full 120Hz support for some of its native apps, which is unusual considering that ProMotion was a key feature of the new Macs.

It’s important to note that the Safari Technology Preview is an early build of the full Safari update, so the chances are that users will still have to wait a while until ProMotion is properly supported as standard. Still, it’s possible to download the Safari Technology Preview.

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