Apple joins new 6G body to spearhead next-generation cellular technology

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Apple has joined forces with other technology and networking companies to develop cellular technology innovations that will allow for 6G and beyond in the US, it has been revealed.

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) confirmed last week that it had welcomed founding members to the board, including Apple.

Other notable members include Google, HP, and Cisco, meaning cross-platform technological developments.

Speaking in a statement, ATIS said: “Designed to set the foundation for a vibrant marketplace for North American innovation in future generations of mobile technology, the Next G Alliance is named after its primary goal: to establish North American preeminence in the 5G evolutionary path and 6G development.”

The group will work together to research and develop software and hardware, through the “full lifecycle” of future generation cellular technologies. The idea behind the consortium is that new technologies can be standardized to work across different platforms and systems.

The group will hold its first virtual meeting today (Monday, November 16), allowing embers to set out the direction and strategy of the new consortium.

Apple launched its first 5G-enabled smartphones last month, but AT&T CEO Jeff McElfresh said earlier in the year that the company was already working on 6G technology. However, it’s unlikely that the technology will be available for several years if not decades.

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