Apple May Add New Supplier for iPhone 16 Camera Upgrades Amid Production Issues The upcoming iPhone 16 and 16 Pro models will feature several upgrades, particularly in their camera systems. However, production challenges may lead Apple to bring on a new supplier.

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With the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro set for release in a few months, significant changes are anticipated, especially in screen sizes and camera features.

A new report highlights production difficulties with one of these camera upgrades, prompting Apple to consider adding a new supplier to meet its production targets.

The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have an upgraded main camera with a new sensor designed to enhance low-light performance.

This advanced image sensor (CIS) involves a complex manufacturing process unfamiliar to Apple’s current supplier, Sony, which is experiencing production issues.

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According to JY Han of The Elec, Apple has traditionally sourced its CIS exclusively from Sony.

However, due to the new camera technologies and potential supply shortages, Apple is now considering Samsung as an additional supplier.

This dual-supplier strategy is intended to supplement Sony’s output, ensuring that Apple can meet the production demands for the iPhone 16.

This move is particularly crucial given the expected sales boost from the new Apple Intelligence features.

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