Apple registers ‘Reality One’ and ‘Reality Pro’ trademarks

Apple has trademarked a number of proposed names for its new AR/VR headset.

Ahead of a rumored January 2023 launch, the company has begun applying for names including Reality One, Reality Processor, and Reality Pro, suggesting that Apple will follow a similar naming pattern to its iPhones and MacBooks with the headset.

The company has been adopting ‘reality’ branding for a couple of years, now. Back in 2017, Bloomberg reported that Apple had been working on reality, a new operating system built on iOS that would power its new headset. Then, two years later, news came of a ‘RealityKit’ that would allow developers to create augmented reality experiences, suggesting the platform would be open to all.

Apple regularly trademarks names and ideas and many never come to fruition, but with its AR/VR headset all but confirmed, this is the clearest indicator yet of what Apple might name them. The Apple Reality One could serve as the entry-level device, whilst the Apple Reality Pro could be a high-end version of the product, both powered by an Apple Reality Processor.

The Cupertino company will take to the stage on September 7 to announce new Apple Watches and iPhones, and though a teaser of the upcoming Apple reality headset is unlikely, we cannot rule it out entirely. It’s expected that Apple, when it’s ready, will preview the headset many months before launch, as it did with the Apple Watch, to build hype.

Are you looking forward to Apple Reality One and Apple Reality Pro? Let us know and check back soon for the latest.

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