Apple to introduce Apple Pencil for iPhones and Macs

Patents for the use of Apple Pencils with iPhones and Macs have recently been revealed.

According to an article by 9to5Mac, the latest Apple patent concerns the use of Apple Pencils with iPhones, while a patent has also been issued for MacBook trackpads.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared to hint at this new development in a May interview, when he made an offhand comment about the potential of Apple Pencils for iPhones.

Digital Trends reports that Apple is also working on integrating the Apple Pencil with more iOS stock apps for the iPad, such as Mail, Safari, and iMessage. The patent documents include several functions, such as sending sketches via iMessage, and video-editing in iMovie.

According to Digital Trends, an enhanced Apple Pencil for the iPhone and iPad would present a challenge to the “S Pen”, Samsung’s digital stylus, which remains one of its most popular features.

Although Steve Jobs had little respect for the stylus, Apple seems to have fully embraced its potential. Such is the case with many Apple patents; it is unclear if and when the Apple Pencil will be available for iPhones and MacBooks. However, considering Apple’s recent pioneering products such as the AirPods and the new MacBook Pro TouchBar, it is highly possible that enhanced Apple Pencils for iPhones and Macs will be available soon.

Written by Maria Papoutsi

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