Apple Vision Pro Headset to Launch Internationally in 28 June officially Apple is set to release its Vision Pro headset internationally in July, six months after its U.S. debut.

Apple Vision Pro Event
Apple Vision Pro | Image: The Verge

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which has garnered significant attention since its U.S. launch, is now poised for an international release in July. A reliable source has confirmed that the device will be available in new markets in just a few months.

In the UK, there have been notable preparations indicating the upcoming launch. Apple Stores have received large shipments believed to contain couches designed for Vision Pro demonstrations. These items remain unopened, suggesting that the official rollout is imminent.

Furthermore, Apple Retail Managers in the UK have been directed to start planning store transitions to accommodate Vision Pro accessories, signaling a comprehensive effort to ready the stores for the new product.

Vision Pro Sign
Vision Pro Sign | Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store, NYC

Additional visual refreshes in stores are also expected to coincide with the July timeline.

The anticipated launch window falls in the third or fourth week of July. Apple might use its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 10 to officially announce the international release date, adding to the event’s anticipated revelations.

This timing contrasts with earlier predictions from analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo, who had suggested an international launch before WWDC to heighten interest in visionOS 2, the headset’s operating system.

The Vision Pro’s international debut is expected to include key markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and China.

These regions have shown strong demand and interest in Apple’s latest innovations, making them prime candidates for the initial rollout outside the United States.

As the release date approaches, the Vision Pro’s international launch marks a significant step in Apple’s expansion of its new product line, aiming to capture a broader audience and solidify the device’s presence in the competitive tech landscape.

Apple Vision Pro

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