Apple working on exclusive podcasts to compete with Spotify

Apple is reportedly working to introduce new original podcasts to its Podcasts app.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is looking for a new executive to take charge of Apple Podcasts and help the company better compete with the likes of Spotify.

Earlier in the year, Bloomberg had suggested that Apple was working on a plan to launch new dedicated podcasts for TV shows and movies from Apple TV+, in an attempt to promote the service, but now it seems the company is willing to purchase third-party content, too.

Indeed, the company is getting out its checkbook to purchase original podcasts and programs that could be adapted into TV+ content in the future.

Whoever takes on the role will be responsible for sourcing and commissioning exclusive content, and will report to Apple’s current head of podcasting, Ben Cave, who oversaw the move to a dedicated Podcasts app on macOS.

Apple also wants producers to create versions of their podcasts without adverts to help keep improve the user experience within the app and give Apple a competitive advantage over rivals.

Spotify, for example, has been focusing on podcasts in the past couple of years, acquiring both individual podcast brands and studios like Gimlet media.

Earlier in the week, Spotify secured the rights to The Joe Rogan Experience; all episodes will be available exclusively on the Spotify platform.

This latest news demonstrates that Apple is keen to improve its podcasting efforts and potentially even pivot into a new premium subscription service, perhaps Apple Podcasts+.

However, as some of its services are proving to be less popular than others (see: Apple News+) the company could perhaps offer premium podcasts as part of an Apple bundle.

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