Drake Lip-Syncs to Taylor Swift Tune in New Apple Music Ad

Drake Lip-Syncs to Taylor Swift Tune in New Apple Music Ad

For its streaming service Apple Music, the Cupertino company has shared a new advert in which Canadian rapper Drake listens to “distractingly good” Taylor Swift music as he tries to work out…

We say “tries to” because, well… you can see what we mean by watching the below advert that Apple has posted to its YouTube account. In the ad, Drake sees Swift’s “Bad Blood” in Apple Music’s curated “Pop Workout” playlist – and, as the song plays, he can’t resist dancing and lip-syncing to it.

He then returns to his workout, but ends up paying too much attention to the music and, ultimately, bumbles with his bench press. No wonder Apple has titled the ad “Drake vs. Bench Press”…

If there seems something strangely familiar about this ad, it’s because it mirrors an earlier Apple Music screen commercial, shared by Taylor Swift in April, where the “Shake It Off” singer falls off a treadmill due to getting too into Drake and Future’s “Jumpman”.

Apple Music is available on various Apple platforms as well as Android and desktop Windows. New members can enjoy a three-month free trial, after which time the usual per-user charge is $9.99 per month.

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