Facebook introduces new transfer option to make it easier to quit platform


Facebook has announced new tools designed to make it easier to leave the platform.

The social network, which has hemorrhaged users in recent years, announced on its blog that it was launching a new service that made it easier than ever to export information such as photos to a third party service. As part of its Transfer Your Information tool, users will now have more control over their data.

Speaking of the changes, Facebook said: “Today we’re announcing several updates to our Transfer Your Information (TYI) tool to make data portability more seamless for our users. To provide people with choice and control over their data, we’ve spent the last few months rebuilding our data portability tool from the ground up.

“Now, it’s easier for people to transfer a copy of their data from Facebook to other services. These updates include user experience improvements, two new destinations: Photobucket and Google Calendar, and one new data type: Facebook Events.

“We’re excited about these new changes because they provide people with even more choice and control, while also fostering innovation with our partners. ”

The tool has been redesigned from the ground up and it’s now “simpler and more intuitive”. Check out a full list of the changes below:

  • A completely rebuilt experience that’s simpler and more intuitive — people can now more easily see what destinations and what data types are supported
  • Greater transparency around the status of each transfer, including making it easier to retry certain transfers
  • The ability to simultaneously start multiple data transfers for one destination
  • Filters that allow people to more precisely select the data they want to transfer

Are you planning to leave Facebook? Does this tool help? Let us know and check back soon for the latest.

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