Fall Preview: iOS 6

This Fall, Apple is bringing a lot to the table with a new iPhone, iPad, and iOS 6 which is packed with new features. There will be completely new Maps to a new version of the voice-activated personal assistant Siri to Facebook integration. And Passbook – Apple’s new app that controls coupons, boarding passes, cards and coupons – is really neat.

Here are some highlights of the new key features:

1.     Siri

Coming with iOS 6, Siri will be able to answer a bunch of new questions for you. She will be able to tell you the score of the Yankees game, or the score of whoever your favorite team is. There has also been Open Table and Yelp integration, so you can ask her if a certain restaurant is any good, and then have her make a reservation for you.

2.     Facebook Integration

Facebook is now completely integrated with the iPhone. You will be able post to Facebook from Apple’s apps, just the same as you would from Twitter. That includes images directly from the Photo albums, or a location from Maps. It’s even integrated with Siri and the Calendar which will keep birthdays and such synchronized

3.     New Phone Features

Apple has made it easier to deal with incoming calls while you are busy. When someone is calling you, instead of simply ignoring the call, you can now reply with an auto text that says “on the way” or “call you later”. You will even have the ability to set custom auto replies. There is also a new night time feature that allows you to set a do not disturb mode. This will keep your phone from lighting up and interrupting your sleep. Just for emergencies, there is a setting that will allow certain people or numbers to get through if they call.

4.     FaceTime

The most important new feature will be 3G support for Facetime, allowing you to use the feature over 3G cellular service at a lower quality. Another new upgrade is integrated device IDs allowing you to pick up an incoming Facetime call on your iPad or Mac.

5.     New Safari

The Safari browser is now getting live synchronization tabs made available through iCloud. This will allow you to browse seamlessly with your iPhone and iPad. The coolest new feature made available through iCloud is Offline Reading List, which will come in handy for subway riders and frequent flyers. There will be website form support as well, allowing you to upload photo’s to websites.

6.     Passbook

This is a brand new app. It will allow you to have all your tickets and coupons — airplanes, train, movies, concerts, sport events, gift cards, loyalty cards, whatever — in a single wallet. If you have a gift card, for example, it will show the card balance after you use it. It will also have the ability to alert you in real time while shopping if that store has any coupons available.

7.     Maps

Maps has been completely over hauled and for the better in every way possible.

  • Vector based map, no more bitmaps and annoying tile loading
  • New cartography
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Siri integrations
  • Traffic information
  • 3D view
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